Sunday, October 7, 2012

Toys R Us

I'm happy to report that Toys R Us is Toys R Us, no matter where you live, at least in Busan, South Korea. 

I wanted to check it out and spent what seems like forever trying to find an address for it.   
Side note: It is like pulling teeth to find information like an address, phone number, or directions for places here.  Going to websites does not help most of the time, because it's very often in Korean.  And if you don't know it yet, I don't speak or read Korean so I'm out of luck there.  Lucky for anyone who visits Busan in the future, I have kept a record of the addresses of the places we've visited to save any of you the headache of trying to find it.  You're welcome.

I finally figured out it's inside Lotte Mart, a multi level store, in Seomyeon (a district in Busan), and we were on our way the next day!  We told Connar we were going somewhere for a SURPRISE, which was so fun for us to keep the suspense going until we actually walked into the store itself.  :)

Seeing this sign as we were on the escalator on our way to the store made my heart smile.  I just knew that the boys were about to be so happy to see so many toys!!!  Plus, I was thrilled that I found the correct address.  I love it when things work out the way you intend.  :)

Yay, there's Geoffrey!
Oh goodness, he can't be starting on video games already!!!!!
You can't tell but he has a sword in his hands.  :)

After much "research" by trying out various toys, Connar finally decided on dinosaurs.  Now he had to make a decision to get one big dinosaur or a bunch of smaller dinos.  Decisions, decisions.
He decided on the pail of smaller dinos.  :)  And he even agreed that he would be sharing these with Parker since there were so many in there.  What a nice big brother!


You might be wondering where Parker was in the last few pictures.  Welllll, he was pretty cranky by this point and was only happy being held.  He didn't care much about toys and chose to lay on my shoulder instead.

These were taken in front of Lotte Mart and of the actual Lotte Mart building.

Time to play with the dinosaurs!!!!!!
He had some sort of organization in mind for these little guys.  Then, Parker showed up wanting to play too.  :)
After playing with Parker for a bit, Connar decided to organize and line his dinosaurs up again.  :)
Connar is so excited to see dinosaurs at the museum when we go home in a couple months.  Little does he know, but he'll be having a dinosaur birthday party (well, as much of a birthday party we can have from 7000 miles away from our family) on his upcoming 3rd birthday!  :)

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