Thursday, October 25, 2012

rainy day in Busan

Because I didn't start this blog until a few weeks into our Korean adventure, I have yet to blog about all of the amazing memories from our first two weeks in Busan, South Korea.  As this blog serves as a written history of our family's adventures, it's important that I backtrack a bit and do some posts from our first two weeks here.  Enjoy!

Over a week into our time in Busan, we experienced our first rainy day here.  Needless to say, we didn't stray far from home.

The boys watched movies...

There's my E-Trade baby.  Wouldn't you just giggle your heart out if you saw this little love nugget pop up on a commercial during the Super Bowl???  E-Trade, call me!
They colored...
He worked on his laptop.
I'm pretty sure he pushed the setting for this toy over to talk/play in Spanish...because you know how important it is for him to learn Spanish in Korea.  :)
He also showed off his multi-tasking skills by playing with play-doh as well as composing a beautiful medley on the piano.
Mom and I created a place on the wall for me to hang pictures and the boys' artwork.  There is not a single space in this place (other than an inappropriate place like the hood above the stove) that is magnetic, including the refrigerator, so I had to take matters into my own hands.  As of today, there is a second line hanging under this one, and there is not any space left on either line because they're both so jam packed with papers and pictures.
For dinner we walked down to Gecko's at the bottom of our building and ordered food to go.  They make great chicken strips and fries.

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