Monday, September 17, 2012

Typhoon Sanba

Typhoon Sanba came in and went out today.  We weren't sure exactly what to expect with the weather sites changing day to day, and it looked as though Haeundae Beach was prepping for the worst.  Pots of plants were brought inside that normally sat out near the boardwalk in front of our building.  Bulldozers were out a couple days prior building up sand walls to help block waves of water.  Restaurants on ground level of our building boarded up their windows just in case.


This is what we saw out our window when we woke up this morning.  It was very much like the last typhoon that came through here a few weeks ago with lots of yucky rain, heavy wind, and the ocean water coming up to the boardwalk.  Talton even went to work.

So much seaweed and junk ends up on the shore after storms.  It won't be long before it's clean though.  They don't waste any time keeping this beach in tip top shape.

Well that's all to Typhoon Sanba.  Nothing exciting, I know, but that's a good thing in my book.  :)

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