Tuesday, September 25, 2012

randoms from last week

Ever have that moment when you want to take a picture but then realize you don't have your camera?  That's why I almost always travel with my camera (in addition to my hefty diaper bag and 60 pounds of cute kids.....Thank goodness for my stroller where I stuff all that---the diaper bag and camera, not the kids.  They actually aren't "stuffed" in and do get actual spots to sit. :)  ).

Here are some random pictures I snapped this past week.

I believe these are silk worms.  This is at the market near our condo.  We come here at least once a week, but this was the first time this lady had these.  She was pulling the branches out of the crates and then shaking the worms off.  Pretty neat to watch and the boys couldn't get enough of watching the worms up close.  This lady always seems to have something neat in her booth.  A few weeks ago she had bags full of bees and honeycomb.


 These signs are on the railing at the subway station.  :)  "So Good!" are behaviors that are acceptable on the subway.  "Too bad!" are behaviors that are not acceptable.

from left to right: whisper on your phone, read, get off quickly so others can get on, give up your seat to the elderly and pregnant, keep to yourself in your own space
from left to right: don't squeeze through the doors, stay off the yellow warning line next to the track, no running/pushing on the escalator, no sneaking under, I'M NOT SURE WHAT THE LAST PICTURE IS OF :(
When you get your hair cut here, they cut it first and shampoo it last.  Connar has never wanted to get his hair washed by Soo until this day, when he saw Talton do it before him.  Although he says he doesn't want to get his hair washed again, he did do a great job AND even kept his sucker in his mouth too.  :)

The people were waiting for a taxi at the bottom of our building (it offers a place for weddings, etc.).  Aren't the ladies' hanboks pretty?  These are the traditional Korean dresses that they wear for special occasions.

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