Saturday, September 8, 2012

I'm a fairy!

No, really....I am a fairy!  At least I named myself "The First Week of School First Grade Fairy" for this week.  Needing to satisfy my creative craving and wanting to do something school related (since I'm not teaching this year I missed out on all the fun decorating and creative beginning of the year stuff), I asked my friend Cassie if I could do something fun for her daughter who started First Grade here in Busan this week.  I was crossing all my fingers and toes that she would indulge me on this mission to do something creative and fun for her daughter.  When she said yes, I was off!  Did I mention that I asked her this 2 hours before I dropped off the first gift on Monday night?!  :)   It wasn't long before I had 5 surprise gifts and notes ready for the week. 

Here's how it worked: Each night after dinner time, I would ride the elevator up to their floor in our condo, quietly approach their door, lay down the day's small gift and note at the foot of the door, take off my flip flops so I could run easier, ring their door bell, and take off down the hall hoping the elevator was still at that floor and I wouldn't have to wait on it.

It worked out GREAT, and I heard this sweet little First Grader waited anxiously for the fairy to visit her each night.  Yay! :)

Funny little conversation between Cassie and her daughter....
Daughter: "The first week of school fairy didn't come visit me last year (in Kindergarten)."
Mom: "It must be a Korean thing."
HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!  Loved this!

Here are pictures of the little daily gifts and notes.  Thank you, Cassie, for not thinking I was totally nuts (or at least not telling me you thought I was nuts) and for letting me be a fairy for the week.  I think I might have had more fun doing it than G did getting the gifts.  :)

Monday: "Have a crazy COOL second day of school!" (attached to two popsicles)

Tuesday: "You're one smart COOKIE!" (attached to a bag of cookies)

Wednesday: "Just POPping in to say you did a fantastic job today!" (attached to a bag of popcorn)

Thursday: "You're o-FISH-ally done with the first four days of school!  Keep up the amazing work!" (attached to a bag of goldfish)

Friday: "First week of school down, and you're just getting WARMed up!" (attached to a package of hot chocolate mix)

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