Wednesday, September 5, 2012

the boys' 1st taxi ride

The boys rode in their first taxi ever yesterday.  Because we have a car here and we can get to many places where we like to go on foot, we've never had to take a taxi before.  My friend, Cassie, asked if we wanted to go to Home Plus (the grocery store) with her, and because we both needed to get too much to carry back if we walked there and home, we decided on grabbing a taxi.

The boys did great.  Connar wanted to turn around and look out the back window because not having to sit in a car seat in the car was completely new to him, but he was a good boy and did his best to keep his 2 year old boy body where it needed to be.  Parker was happy sitting on my lap with his play phone.

The ride was pretty quick, less than 10 minutes, and very cheap....only around 2100 Won (that's about $2 U.S. money)!  Also, they don't encourage tipping here at all anywhere, taxis or restaurants.  It's just not something they do here.

Here are some pics my friend snapped on her iPhone.  I'll spare you the one of me with my eyes closed.  :)

As we excited both taxis, Connar made me so proud.  Without being prompted by me after stepping out of the taxi, he turned around to look at the driver and said, "Thank you berry much" and waved goodbye.  :)

Another funny thing Connar said was when we were getting out of our first taxi.  As he was standing on the sidewalk, he looked in the taxi at Cassie, who was paying the driver, and said to her, "Hurry up Cassie!"  Haaaaa!!!  We both laughed because here's a two year old telling a grown woman to hurry, but what was even greater was he used her name correctly.

Cassie - Thanks for being my taxi partner for the boys' first experience in a taxi and for understanding that cramming two mommies, three kids, two diaper bags, and three grocery bags into the back seat of a taxi is all in a day's work for a momma.  :)

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