Sunday, September 9, 2012

Korean toothpaste

This is our last tube of toothpaste from the U.S., and, as you can see, we're squeezing out every last bit we can.

Because I'm a planner (for those of you that don't know that, you either didn't read my crazy excited post about my planner and address book.....or you haven't known me at all for the past 31 years), I decided to buy a new tube of toothpaste two weeks ago, thinking that we would have one in the wings ready to go when this last beautiful tube of Crest toothpaste ran out.  Well because I had two little boys running in opposite directions when we got home with the new toothpaste, I completely forgot about wanting to try it out to be sure we liked it.  You know, because if we didn't like it, we'd have time to get a different kind by the time we needed it.  In the cabinet it went without another thought.

Then Thursday morning rolled around.  Thinking that we were out of the Crest toothpaste (because I had yet to use my special "squeeze-the-heck-out-of-the-toothpaste-tube-with-the-back-of-my-toothbrush" move to be sure every last bit was forced to the tip of the can see the results of this special move in the picture above), my hubby pulled the Korean toothpaste out of the cabinet, spread it generously on his toothbrush, and began brushing away.  It wasn't long before I heard, "This is gross!" coming from the bathroom.  I had to give it a shot too to see what all the fuss was about.  Bad idea.  I couldn't get the taste out of my mouth for hours.  Seriously, hours.  The tube said it was fresh mint flavored, but, if that's the case, their mint is not the same as the mint I'm used to, that's for sure.

Side note: The only reason I bought this toothpaste over any others at the grocery store was because it was "Arm & Hammer" and that was the only brand I recognized.  Plus, I thought, "How can this go wrong?  It is fresh mint after all."  Now I know.

We bought some new toothpaste today in hopes of finding one we can live with.  I'd much rather have my family ship me much more important items like, say, Velveeta cheese or refried beans instead of taking up box space for toothpaste.  :)

These are the two we bought today.  We tried them both on our fingers as soon as we got home, and they were both okay.  We're going to try using them for a few days to see how it goes with actually brushing our teeth with them, but I'm thinking that one of them should work just fine.  Thank goodness because I was prepared to use the boys' toddler toothpaste or even not brush my teeth at all before I'd use that yucky toothpaste again.  :)

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