Tuesday, September 25, 2012

a new playground

We love going to the playground!  We also love finding new playgrounds too.  With Chuseok this weekend (Korean Thanksgiving), it marks the beginning of Autumn and the cooler weather which will be PERFECT for strolling over to the park.....until it gets veryyyyyy cold here, that is.


hanging like the monkey that he is on the bar above the slide...

Parker just started climbing away!  He's getting too big for his own good.  This made me so nervous, but I stuffed that nervousness away and let him be brave for a minute.  That's so hard to do when I'm afraid they'll get hurt, but I know it's necessary.

There was also a smaller play area for the littles.  This is where Parker should've been the whole time, but he wants to keep up with Connar so he hung out at the bigger area for most of the time.

This was a Korean nanny.  These are quite common, actually.  What do you think the baby is thinking?  :)

Bicycle parking lot - These bikes belong to the people who live at this building.  It makes me want to get bikes for all of us.  Or I could get a bike with one of those tents on wheels that trails behind the bike for the boys to sit in.


The usual--P going up while C is coming down the slide.  P is not really into sliding down any slide yet.  C can't get enough.

C thought he could just pick a bike from the bike parking lot to take for a spin.  This was me taking this picture as I said to him, "Get off that bike!" really slowly so I could take his picture before he got off.  ;)


Parker wanted to check out this little guy's ride.

Check out the doll of a girl who was trying to catch a ride in that red car.

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