Tuesday, September 18, 2012

personal space

Ever heard of personal space?  Oh my word, I got the best laugh today by watching these people get beat at their own game.  If you ever visit Korea (and many Asian countries are the same, I hear), you'll quickly learn that they do not have a clue what personal space is. 

Take this elevator for instance.  This is in an elevator right off the subway platform.  This elevator only goes between two levels to get people who need assistance, as in old people or pretty mommies with babies and strollers, from the top floor to the bottom floor.  As you can see from this picture, there were many able bodied people who could've hiked the 20 steps up the stairs instead of cramming into this elevator.

While I'm on the subject of elevators, let me mention that they also do not believe in waiting in line or allowing people who were waiting on the elevator to go first.  If they see a hole, they head straight for it and wiggle their way in.

And that's how this situation came to be.  We all got off the subway at the same time.  My friend, Cassie, and I had our strollers, so you'd think that they would wait for a minute to let us get out the door first, but oh no!  They nudged their way in front of us and next to us without giving us much room to turn our strollers, so we basically waited until they were all off before we could step off the subway.  Then, it was like a herd of cattle making a beeline for the elevator.  They all insisted on fitting in the elevator, as if it was going to take a really long time for it to come back down to pick up the next group and they didn't have time to wait.  It literally takes 1 minute for it to take them up, let them out, and come back down to pick up the next group.....and did I mention that half of these people could've quickly walked up the stairs??  All of the people in this elevator must've stood there for at least a couple minutes trying to figure out why the elevator wasn't going.  You can see the look on some of their faces, looking around like, "Why are the doors not closing?  Why is this thing not moving?"  Hilarious.  Cassie and I were laughing pretty hard at them, because it's like, that's what you get people.  I couldn't help but yank out my camera as fast as I could to snap this picture.

After a couple minutes of discussing what to do, a handful of people got off to allow the doors to close and the elevator to go up.  When the elevator came back down and the people that were waiting filled it up, they looked at us like, "Do you want to come in?"  Really????  There's like half a foot of free space in here, and you're thinking that we can fit two adults and two strollers, one of them a double stroller, in here too?  Unless four of you are planning on piggy backing, I think we'll wait for one more minute for it to come back down to us.  Thanks though.  :)

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