Wednesday, September 5, 2012

our Wednesday...the first 1/2 at least

There is no rhyme or reason to this post.  I took lots of random pictures this morning and wanted to share them.  The boys and I got out this morning to go to the post office, and we took a stroll down some little streets before heading back home.  We were still sweaty when we got home after walking for nearly an hour, but it's nice that it is actually starting to cool down a bit and we have a breeze every now and then.  I'm excited for the Fall weather here!  I hear September and October are lovely.  :)  We're not going to talk about November or the other Winter months yet, because I'm not sure what to think of living in a really cold place.  Anywho, back to the pictures from today.  :)

The first time we walked past this man, this lady was not here with her purses, and he was tracing what I'm assuming to be the soles of shoes.
Just imagine what incredible things this man's hands have made during his life.
There are quite a few chicken & beer places around town.  They're pretty good at drinking here.  :)
Nothing like a lingerie store next to a bakery (on the right) full of sweets and breads.
I'm not sure why, but these teddy bears are always hanging out of these high rise windows.
They were breaking down some little buildings set up for Summer business on the beach.
The parking attendants wear gloves here.  Some of them, young ones especially, can be seen doing a little dance with hand movements and all as they welcome you into the parking area.  I've got to catch that on camera one day!

This fishing boat was rather close to the beach.

When did he get big enough to stand with his hands in his pockets and stare out at the water like he's in deep thought?????
I'm guessing these kids were on a field trip of sorts.  They were so cute, each holding hands with a buddy.  The funny thing is that they were all wearing shirts with English -- no Korean to be seen whatsoever on any one of their shirts!
C wanted to push P -- I had to run and catch up to him here because he was headed straight for the wall!
When I told him to get off of there because I didn't want him to fall, he said to me very patiently, "I'm okay Mommy."  Again....When did he get big enough to tell me he's okay to do things without me???????
Getting a shot of both of them smiling is nearly impossible.
He was trying not to smile for me.... :)
He just couldn't help himself!  Out came giggles with this big grin!  :)
This was my lunch today.  It's Ramen noodles here.  Talton loves these, and they even have them stocked up at his work.  When I first got to Korea, I took a little bite of T's one day when he was eating them, and I didn't like them at all.  Then, he made them the other day, and I tried them again and actually liked them.  When I made them for myself today, I remembered Talton telling me they're very spicy but my goodness!  These noodles cleared my sinuses and made my eyes water like crazy.  Did you see that I ate them with chopsticks???  Impressive, huh?  At least it is for me.  I don't know if I was doing it right, but I got all the noodles in my mouth, so that's all that counts in my chopstick world.
This picture makes me laugh because it looks like he's making a face as if he's disgusted by the smell of Connar's feet.  Really though, he was making silly noises, and I just happened to catch him like this.  :)
So there you have it.... the first 1/2 of our Wednesday.  The boys are up from their naps now, so I'm off to fill sippy cups with milk, grab some snacks, and snuggle up on the couch with the two cutest little guys in Korea!

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