Friday, September 14, 2012

interesting (and yummy!) afternoon

One afternoon this week we headed out to the market to pick up some fresh fruit.  On our walk there, we ran into a friend who had just bought some mini doughnuts for her daughter, and she offered them to the boys.  How sweet and what a treat!  So as we walked to the market, the boys nibbled on some scrumptious mini donuts.  What the life they lead......wouldn't you love to be pushed around in a stroller while gobbling up sweet treats?!  :)


After getting these delicious oranges, peaches, and tomatoes from the market, we headed for home. 

We ended up making a pit stop at Baskin Robbins (yes, I know they just had donuts BUT they didn't eat their whole donuts and it's fun to treat them to ice cream in the middle of the day every now and then :)  ).

The local ice cream shop isn't just a spot for a mommy to bring her cuties like this...

it's also a spot for a business meeting....

or even a date....

I love when I find gems like this....

Hot bAverage anyone????
What is a hard rock yogurt?
Our walk home was quite interesting...

*I've seen this at the car dealership, but I haven't shared it on here before now.  Now that's the correct use of English.  :)

*These mini cartoons were posted along the boardwalk walls.  Even though I couldn't understand what was written, some of them were quite amusing.
He may not recognize anything else, but he sure noticed Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

*This group of young kids were from Australia (their accents gave it, the back of their hat said Australia :)  ).  I'm not sure why they were in Busan, South Korea, but how awesome for them!  Can you imagine getting such an opportunity to travel to a foreign country as a kid?  Pretty cool!

*Crazy got off her bench today.
If you don't know who Crazy is, see this post.

*The guy in the blue shirt in the middle stopped me like 10 minutes before I took this picture of him with these guys.  We were waiting at the light to cross the street, and he came up and asked me to help him.  He then held out his clipboard with a paper attached, and he said, "Can you sign?"  It was an assignment paper for practicing conversational English.  Noticing that he didn't really want to talk in English, yet he was asking me to sign his paper, the teacher in me couldn't just give in that easily.  As I signed slooooowwwly, I asked him, "How are you?"  He muttered in Korean (probably something to the effect of "Seriously, American lady?  Just sign my paper!"  No....he was smiling to himself like he was trying to talk to himself and find the right words to answer me in Engligh.), and then he said, "I'm good."  :)  Yay, success!  I'm sure his task was to engage me in more of a conversation, which I totally would've been up for to help him practice, but at least I got a little out of him.  I praised him in English and crossed the street.  :)

 *What can I say about this?  Um, the boys like to look at bulldozers.  :)

And this is just a glimpse into that special moment of the day when Daddy gets home.  Recently without fail, Parker drops whatever he's doing when he hears Talton come in the door and runs with his chubby toddler legs to greet his daddy with a "Dada Dada Dada" and a big hug and kiss.   Isn't that the sweetest?!

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