Monday, September 3, 2012

Connar's potty chart

As you know, I decided to potty train Connar two months ago.  It was going pretty good with only little accidents here and there.  In hopes to curb those accidents, I searched the internet for some potty inspiration.  I came across a potty chart someone made for their child and decided to try something similar with Connar.

Here is what his first potty chart looked like.  He got a sticker every time he went tee tee or poo poo on the toilet and a sad face when he had an accident.  This potty chart was pretty helpful, because it helped him to quickly associate stickers (which he wanted) with "GREAT JOB CONNAR" and sad faces with "you'll do better next time".  I even made him watch me draw the sad face as we talked about what he would do better next time.  You can also see here and there that I would write notes to myself to remember how that day went.  I wrote things like "no poo poo" so I could tell how many consecutive days he was holding it in and "poo poo" next to the sticker or sad face so I could tell the difference between making it to the toilet and hiding behind the couch to take care of his business.  And if we went out, I wrote where we went like "park" or "grocery store" so I could remember if he was able to make it through that outing.......yes, I even wrote "Aquarium" next to the sad face when C let it all out as we were standing in the gift shop at the aquarium.  Lovely, I know.  ;) 
 Here is another week.  Needless to say, this was NOT a good week for potty training here.  I think he was exercising his control over his own body and doing what he pleased, when he pleased.  Thankfully we've never had another week like this.
C actually does a great job these days.  He does still get preoccupied with playing that he doesn't stop long enough to run to the toilet, but I am so proud of him and the hard work he has put in.  I need to send a big THANK YOU to those of you who shared your potty training stories as well as words of encouragement (for me, of course! ;)  ).  Potty training is not easy and we're still working on the poo poo front, but I am confident that he will eventually be good to go on that in his own time.  I just hope it's before we make another trip to the aquarium!  ;)

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