Tuesday, September 18, 2012

how to mail a hug

Finally, I can post about this!  I've been waiting for over a month to post about this super fun idea.  :)

Since we couldn't be in Houston to help celebrate my mom's special 50th birthday this year, I was trying to think of a way to send her something special instead.  I kept thinking that she would be more than happy to just get a hug from Connar and Parker.  And that's when I decided.....We'll mail her hugs!

You should've seen me trying to trace these two munchkins' bodies.  Hilarious if I say so myself.  You can imagine that tracing around and under someone's arms, their head, their neck, and their sides would tickle them a bit, so they were wiggle worms for sure.  They were also so curious as to what in the world I was doing.  They knew I had a pencil and paper, and they wanted to see what I was drawing.  Because Talton wasn't home yet and because I was so excited about doing it that I didn't want to wait to start, I tackled this task all on my own.  Too bad because you'd probably pay to see pictures of me tracing with one hand, pinning down an arm or a head with my other hand, and then holding down their legs with my leg just so I could trace their little bodies.

I originally mailed these a few weeks before my mom's birthday to my sister so she could wrap them up and surprise my mom with them at her birthday party, but the party day came and went without this precious piece of mail arriving for my sister.  I was so sad, because I thought it was lost forever somewhere between Asia and North America.  I just kept hoping that it would be returned to me so I could try resending it.  After about 3 weeks or so, that's just what happened.  The next morning, the boys and I walked to the post office, and I did my best to tell the nice Korean post office worker that I wanted to mail it to the U.S..  I crossed my fingers that it would arrive at the correct destination this time. 

Today, my mom checked her mailbox and found her surprise.  Yay!  I was so happy that they finally arrived where they belonged.  She loved them just like I knew she would.  :)

This was so fun for me, and I know for a fact that she'll treasure them forever.  Wouldn't you if someone mailed you a hug????  Her smile says it all.  :)

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