Friday, September 14, 2012

indecent exposure!

On our latest trip to play at the beach this week, I warned the boys before we left, "We are not getting in the water today.  Only the sand."  "Okay Mommy," was Connar's reply.  I'm sure he meant it, but as soon as he saw a little girl's bucket full of water as she played in the sand, he just couldn't help but ask to fill his bucket up too.  And I just couldn't help but do it for him....I mean, he did ask pretty nicely.  :)  It wasn't long before Parker noticed that we were going to the water for a quick fill up, and he was soon following behind heading straight for the water.  Let's just say I should've followed my gut and put their swimsuits on.  Because wet clothes and sand don't make for a clean child, the boys' clothes were caked with sand, especially Parker since he decided he wanted to sit in the water and then go sit in the sand. 

When we were packing up, I took Parker's shorts off since they were covered in sand, and the next thing I know Connar had his off too.  Monkey see, monkey do--that's the story of my life around here.  As we left the beach with our friends, we had not only one but three little guys running around in their diapers or Thomas the Train undies.  I'm sure nobody minds itty bitties running around half naked, right?!  :)


The boys walked in here to go into our building and closed the door behind them thinking they were locking me out, but little did they know they were closing themselves in.  Ha!  They didn't care was actually fun for them to be in that little area together running around.  Silly boys.

How did Parker get big enough to reach the elevator buttons?????  Nobody asked me if it was okay for him to grow up.
 This is our door.  If you open and close the latch covering the numbers that you use to type in your door code too many times or if you type in the incorrect numbers too many times, it locks you out for a couple minutes....we learned that the hard way, thanks to C.  :)  To his credit, he was just trying to help which I love about him.

While we waited for the door to allow us to try our code again, we hung out in the hall.  Thank goodness nobody was out there, because these boys were running up and down the hall after each other......half naked.



  1. Kristi,I love your blogs! I wish the girls and I would have been able to join Joseph when he was in Korea. Circumstances were different then in many ways, but I'm happy to see this voyage through your eyes! oh, and I love the poem!!

  2. oh, my mistake... I mistook your title entries for September for a type of poem...hehehe (I'm sheepishly laughing!)lol

  3. Tonya,
    You totally make me smile! xoxo