Friday, March 1, 2013

Who wants to paint?

I asked, "Who wants to paint?", and in no time flat, these littles of mine were at the table ready to go to town with the watercolors!

Now, Parker knows exactly what to do with regular paint, but he wasn't quite sure what to do with the paint and the water.  He had more fun playing with the water than painting but whatever.  Connar painted his "A is for alligator" letter.  I was really impressed with how tedious he was about staying in the lines.  That's a new thing, and my OCD side is loving it!  :)

Oh, check out those cute aprons they're sporting!  They're nothing fancy...just a big C and P but I still love them.  They're just the right size for them.  I had plans to spruce them up a bit by making a pocket out of cute fabric, but that just didn't happen in the limited time I had in Houston in December.  Oh well, they work perfectly fine like this, and I like having something to cover up their clothes with when they want to get dirty.  :)


  1. Kristi - such beautiful words! You are wise beyond your years! Love you!