Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tot School...brought to you by the letter B

Connar has been learning about the letter B for the past few days.  We've also played with puzzles, and Parker wanted to get in on some of the learning fun too.

Love this puzzle I bought from Lakeshore Learning.  The box actually comes with puzzles from 1-20, but we started small with only 1-5 to get the concept down.

He did so good with this puzzle!  I can't get him to repeat the shapes or the colors after me, but at least he knows where they go!

Then, in true boy fashion, he made a tower....and then knocked it down while giggling hysterically.  :)

This is a new app I downloaded for Connar called "Letter School".  He really enjoys it and has begged to play it first thing the past few mornings.  I love finding new ways to help him learn and play at the same time!

Before I recycled this styrofoam box from strawberries we bought, I painted a B on it and had Connar poke holes with a toothpick to "trace" the B.
 Then he held it up to the window so he could see the holes to see how well he traced.  :)

 I wrote an uppercase and a lowercase B on separate papers, and then Connar used an ink dauber (BINGO marker) to trace the letters.  So fun!  He loved that thing!

Connar colored in his "B is for butterfly" picture...with his ink daubers of course.  Told you he liked them.  Parker jumped on the ink dauber bandwagon too.  And Daddy got home from work just in time to help out.  :)

We post all of his schoolwork on the wall next to the letter we're working on.  This week when I took down the decorations from Parker's Toy Story birthday party, we put Buzz and Bullseye on "B" to give Connar a real life connection to the letter.

Next up, C!  Connar is so excited about C....wonder why!  :)

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