Thursday, March 14, 2013

fun at the aquarium

Guess who got an annual membership to the Busan Aquarium, a 5 minute walk from our condo here on Haeundae Beach!  :)  Now I can take the boys any time they want to go!
 Parker doesn't need a membership until he's 3.  So that's the thing that I was worried about when I went to get the membership.  You see, Koreans believe they're age 1 at birth, age 2 on their first birthday, etc..  They're saying you're age 1 when you're born, because this is your first year of life.  Because of this, when Koreans ask how old the boys are (of course they're asking in Korean, not in English....we just have figured out "the look" they give when asking what we assume to be "Are they twins?" and answer from there), I have to remind myself to say that they are a year older than what they actually are (C is 4 and P is 3 in Korean still feels weird every time to say that because I feel like I'm lying).  Because ages 3 and up have to purchase a membership, I was contemplating whether they expected me to say Parker was 3 (in Korean age) or if I could say he's 2, like he really is.  So I went with his real age of 2, and they didn't ask any further questions.  :)

This is the back of our membership cards.  I love that the signature line has blue sharks on the white strip instead of whatever shape/solid color a regular credit card has on that line.  Oh, and those are rules and benefits of the membership...I guess.  Not sure since it's all in Korean. 

The boys had a ball from beginning to end.  It was so lovely to have a visit to the aquarium where they sort of stayed together so I wasn't running in separate directions, where they animal watched side by side, where I could let Parker walk through the entire aquarium because he stayed close by, and where one of them didn't scream until the very end....I can't blame Parker for doing this though.  He was having so much fun that he simply didn't want to be strapped into the stroller and strolled out of the aquarium.  Great visit!

Also, I should probably mention that we are showing Flat Stanley around Busan, so you might spot him in some of these pictures that I'll be sending to a sweet little first grader back in Houston.  Enjoy!

The aquarium recently opened a new exhibit called a Rock Pool where the kids (and adults who don't mind getting a little wet and touching slimy things!) can touch and pick up shells, star fish, and other calm sea life.  This was Parker's favorite part!  He would've climbed right on in that shallow water had I let him.  He had no fear of any of the stuff in there, which was pretty cool because it allowed Connar to get up the confidence to touch these things too.  C use to be fearless, like Parker, but as he got older that changed, and he seems to be scared of quite a bit.  I'm wondering if that will ever kick in with P.
 They even had this small, harmless shark that you could pet.  Parker tried to squeeze it like a sponge when he tried to pick it up.....oh goodness!  I even touched the shark in hopes that Connar would try it too, but that's one thing he did not give in to.

While we waited on the elevator to take us to the next level, they ran over to look through the window at the glass bottom boats that you can ride in over the big aquarium that houses the sharks, sea turtles, sting rays, etc..


When Parker spotted the small play area for toddlers to take a break, he took off and made himself at home.  There was already another little Korean boy in there trying to build a tower, unsuccessfully.  Parker picked up some big blocks and helped him out.  So neat to see him helping another kid and then looking at me all proud of himself.  :)

Love this of my little guys.

Precious boy.

This picture cracks me up!  Parker was screaming to get down, but I started tickling him in an effort to get him to smile so he has a smile/scream thing going on.  Ha!

The boys had a blast at the aquarium.  I have to say that this was the first time I've brought them alone where I wasn't sweating bullets and fighting the urge to either pull my hair out or throw myself in the ocean after leaving the aquarium.  It seems as though the boys have matured a bit since the last time I came here solo (especially Parker...still have room to grow more, but this was a great visit).  Funny thing how that happens.  I'm so thankful because remember, I did just buy two memberships.  :)

And I'm happy to report that my potty trained preschooler didn't leave his mark on the floor of the gift shop like he did about a month after we potty trained him last summer.  Thank goodness...I could actually look the people in the eye when I told them goodbye on this aquarium trip.  :)

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