Thursday, March 28, 2013

pretty flowers are blooming!

Week by week it seems to be getting a little warmer here, but we're still wearing long sleeves and either hoodies or full on winter coats most days.  I do see a light at the end of the tunnel though, so that's good news.

Today was gorgeous!  It was so gorgeous that the boys didn't wear any jacket on top of their long sleeve shirt, and I got away with a short sleeve shirt (pushing near 100 pounds of stroller, kids, etc. for an hour makes me a bit hotter than they get being chauffeured in said stroller)!  :)

Another indication that Spring weather is on its way are the beautiful flowers that have bloomed around here.

Connar used his binoculars to scope out the flowers and tell me when he spotted one we hadn't seen yet.

It's cherry blossom season, so we'll start with those pictures.  We are planning on visiting an area of town known as Dalmaji Hill very soon, because the roads and hiking trails are blanketed in these pretty trees.  I took the pictures of these trees over by our grocery store and Connar's gym class.  These cherry blossom trees aren't even fully bloomed yet, so just imagine how much more amazing they'll look when they're full!

Other gorgeous flowers we came across on our walk home:

The following pictures have nothing to do with pretty flowers and everything to do with interesting stuff we came across on our walk.  :)

Socks, anyone?
Look at these socks piled up!  Holy moly!  This man just set up sock shop in the bicycle lane of the road.

 When Talton & I visited Paris years ago, we noticed that people would stop on their way home from work to buy loaves of bread from the sidewalk vendors.  Here in Korea, it's fish instead of bread.
 And he even has a cutting board in the bed of the truck so he can slice those babies up for you on the spot!

There's nothing like buying your produce from someone on a random road.  Weird thing is that I would consider actually doing this...that's how normal it is.

As we were walking home after Connar's successful return to the gym class, after admiring the beautiful flowers blooming along the roads, and after soaking in some real Korean culture with the street/sidewalk vendors, I was in a peachy mood.  Then, I saw this light post with these hearts engraved on it, and it just made me smile even more.

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