Wednesday, March 27, 2013

popsicles & brothers

So my mom sent us some nifty, super cute Mickey Mouse popsicle makers recently, and while C has been loving having these for treats here and there, for whatever reason Parker hasn't had one until a couple nights ago.  This was his first time having a homemade popsicle, so he's a little unsure of which way to hold it, but what makes me giggle every time I watch it is how he goes to town on that popsicle.  His little tongue is going ninety to nothing!  :)

And then, just to make himself more comfortable, he took his glasses off and kicked his feet up to enjoy the rest of his popsicle.  Ha!!

Connar's hair cracks me up too.....never has disgusting, sweaty hair looked so adorable!  :)

And you just gotta love this brotherly love...

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