Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tot School...brought to you by the letter C

C is for...


Teaching him how to hold a pencil/crayon is so hard!  Any tips, anyone?

cotton balls!
I drew a big C, we traced it with glue, and he used a clothespin to pick up cotton balls to place on the glue.  Great fine motor skill practice!  It was harder for him than I thought it would be, but he loved it!


big C and little c
To practice recognizing the letters we've already learned (A,B, & C), I used some toilet paper rolls and some small, colorful, circle stickers.  I wrote 8 big C's and 8 little c's (because that was how many of that color I had per row of could do whatever # floats your boat) all over the roll and then filled it in with other random letters.  I made Connar peel off the stickers himself, which was tedious but good work for his 3 year old fingers, and then I told him to put the sticker on the corresponding letter.  He loved this activity.

This is one of those instances where one idea snowballs into more great ideas.  So I told Connar we were going to make a chain.  I pulled out all different colors of paper and cut them up.  I went to help Parker with something, leaving the papers on the table with Connar, and when I came back to the table, Connar had been sorting the papers by color.  Duh, Kristi!  I didn't plan that, but what a great idea, Connar!  So then I thought, let's do a pattern of colors instead of just random colors on a chain.  I really love how this went from just a chain to color sorting, practicing a pattern (which was surprisingly hard to grasp at first), and then this genius idea.... When I started thinking how long we were going to make our chain, I had no idea.  Long enough to hang across the hall?  As tall as Connar?  Noooooo....Let's make it a countdown to our Tokyo Disney trip!  So that's what we did!  Now every morning, we take one link off, and then Connar spends the rest of the day counting the links and saying, "Okay, I count to the top of the chain. Can we go to Disney Land now, Mommy?"  :) 

 practicing making "C" in the tray of salt

After talking to Connar about why you send someone a card (birthday, just to say HI, if they're sick), we decided to make a few cards using stamps and ink messy but so fun!

Next up... D!

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