Friday, March 29, 2013

date night with my man

You can imagine how often T and I actually get to go on a date here in Korea, so when my friend offered to watch the boys for us, we jumped at the offer!  It was perfect timing too, because my hubby will be traveling again for business soon.  This gave us an hour and a half to just be together and enjoy a meal as a couple.

I took him to the Mexican food restaurant I tried in January called Artista, and he loved it.  I actually loved it even more this time than I did the last time, because we tried some new foods that turned out to be really delicious!

These are Talton's beef chimichangas.

This is cheese fondue.  They usually serve this with bread sticks, but since they forgot to bring them, we resorted to filling up tortillas with this ooey gooey goodness and it was YUMMY!  Talton also put this on his chimichangas and he said, and I quote, "That sets it off!"  :)  I do have to agree with him on that.

I ordered fajitas.  The only downer for tonight was there was no shredded cheese to sprinkle on my fajitas, but I didn't waste any time wallowing in that fact because everything tasted so good otherwise (I did get shredded cheese the first time I came here so I'm not sure if they were just out of it or if they don't offer it anymore.).

 The Red Velvet cupcake shop is literally down the street from Artista, and it was calling our name as we walked by.  :)

  We grabbed a cafe mocha and...
 ...some cupcakes to go and headed back home on the subway.

We picked up our littles who were so happy to see us...especially when the cupcakes were spotted.  :)

As we were out tonight, T and I both agreed that this is the stuff we'll miss one day when we move back home to America.  Eating at a hole in the wall, delicious, unexpected place in a foreign country...stopping for coffee and cupcakes in a little cafe...sharing the seat on our subway ride back our condo on the beach. 

There are definitely days when we miss being home with our family, friends, and the general comfort of what we grew up around, but tonight was a night when we were reminded of how special this time here is.  It will come to an end one day.  Then one night we'll go on a date back home to eat Mexican food and we'll think back to that one night we went to eat Mexican food in Korea, shared a coffee and ate cupcakes, and hopped on a quick subway ride back home.  And we'll look at each other, smile, and say, "How cool was that?!"  :)

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