Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Get your motor runnin'!

I "gassed up" (AKA: charged the batteries) the boys' motorcycle and car yesterday morning, and they waited so patiently all day to ride them.  Granted, I did hide them to charge in the bathrooms so they only saw them when we went potty....which was every time I went potty because you know my fan club follows me there.

Later in the day, I unplugged them and told the boys it was time to ride.  Connar took it upon himself to lift the car out of the bathroom over the step.  He warned me when I told him I'd do it, "I'm fine, Mommy.  Only boys can do this.  I so strong!"  Ha!

And then I remembered why the vehicles stayed "out of gas" for so long.  They're so loud!  But they were loving it, so I just went with it. 

After dinner, they both hopped on the motorcycle for a spin around the block room.  Connar drove first and took care to place Parker's hands around his tummy to hold on.  Sweet doesn't even begin to describe what this was like.

 And then Parker took a stab at driving.  He thought it would be a grand idea to push the forward and reverse buttons over and over again.  It was hilarious!  Parker hasn't had enough practice driving it yet, so because he hasn't gotten the hang of pushing the petal while steering and managing the forward/reverse buttons, Connar stretched his right foot up to the pedal and helped his brother out.

Too bad it was a rainy day.  It'll be super fun to get these babies outside where the boys can cruise down the boardwalk.  :)

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