Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tot School...brought to you by the letter D

We started off talking about the letter D just like we do every day we do school singing the alphabet!  I usually give Connar a spatula to slap the letter with as he sings it, but Parker was sleeping one day when we did this so I gave him a feather and told him to whisper sing it.  He did great at his first time whisper singing  :)  and thought it was so fun.
D is for...


We sang the nursery rhyme "Hey, Diddle, Diddle" and then circled all the "D"s because this rhyme is full of them!

After explaining what desserts are and giving examples of them, we decided to make our own dessert to enjoy after dinner this night.  We made chocolate pudding!  Yum!
 Caught ya!

This was so hard for C, and that really surprised me.  I just figured he'd be able to tell me which one out of four pictures was different than the others, but he had to really work for it.  This is a skill we'll have to keep hitting every now and then until he masters it.   

I made this activity in less than 10 minutes, no lie.  I brought back two sets of these paint chips from my visit home in December (one to cut and glue on the clothespins & the other to keep as is to clip onto).  I love this activity, because it gave me an opportunity to talk about different shades of blue, etc..
 We did four strips and will revisit another day so it doesn't get old too fast.

He practiced tracing lines to help with that fine motor skill (from the dinosaur to the volcano).

dinosaur size sequencing
 He practiced cutting on a line and then...
...he glued the green dinosaurs from smallest to largest and the purple dinosaurs from largest to smallest.

He matched up the numbers at the bottom of strips to create a picture (more glue practice).

A few of the dinosaur activities we did had a volcano in the picture, and he wanted to know about the lava spewing out, so that led to another activity where we watched a few videos online showing real volcanoes.

Next up is E....just in time for Easter!  :)

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