Sunday, March 31, 2013

We're going on an egg hunt!

My friend, Cassie, and I had over 100 plastic eggs between the two of us, so we decided to throw them all together and have a big egg hunt outside.  Seeing as though we live in a condo with tons of people living there as well as people walking by along the beach, we decided to set it up on the 3rd floor of our building where there is a large open area.

I watched my boys along with Cassie's kids while she and her husband hid all of the eggs...

Then, we headed down in the elevator to go on an egg hunt!  Cassie invited some friends of hers who also have young kids to join in the egg fun, and I'm so glad they were able to come out because the kids all had a blast.  It was so much fun to watch them all run around and even help each other at times.  It lasted all of 20 minutes, maybe, but it was the icing on this year's Easter celebration.

I saw this little Korean girl and her father walking through the area before we all came outside (I can see it from my window) eyeballing all the eggs.  They were obviously very curious, because they came back outside once we all got out there.
 And she even brought some Korean candy to share with all the kids.  So sweet!

So while all the other kids are sitting nicely on this Easter Sunday, C looks like he's about to arm fart.  I honestly have no idea what he's doing in this picture, but it cracks me up!
 And then there's Parker who I had to bribe with candy to even sit there.  Whatever it takes.  :)
 My babies.  Love, love, love them.

Upon going through the baskets when we got home, I found this rock in Parker's basket.  Typical.  I can't tell you how many times he tried to run to play in the rocks instead of hunting for eggs.

Connar had his first PEZ candy today!  He was pretty psyched here until....
 ...he realized there were TWO in his basket!  :)

Not only was this fun for the kids and the adults, but I'm so glad that we were able to give our kids the experience of this simple tradition 7000 miles from home.  We may not have been with our extended family and friends this holiday, just like several holidays over the past year, but we're two determined mommies who work hard to make sure our kids don't feel like they're missing out on much.  Making memories and continuing traditions is what it's all about no matter how far away from home you roam.

To my hubby: I wish you didn't have to be away for work and were able to see this in person, but I'm extra thankful that we were able to pull off our Easter morning the day before so you could be a part of that.  We love you and hope you hop on back to us soon.

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