Friday, March 1, 2013

a box of happiness for everyone!

Connar received this handheld game console for Christmas from my Dad and Esther.  He loved it from the beginning, but it did not come with any game cartridges, and because we didn't open it before leaving Houston, we didn't know that so he was stuck playing the short games that were already loaded on the console itself.  He saw a flyer that came with it in the box, and he got all excited when he saw some of the other games in there that you can buy separately.  So I told my dad about that....

...and he sent Connar a new game, "Jake and the Neverland Pirates", the next week in a box he was sending with some other items for us.  Look at that reaction!

He sent a bear for Parker, who promptly kissed and hugged it.  :)

Annddd he sent all of this!  This is happiness to us.  :)  Look, when you can't get things yourself, it's such a treat when someone goes out of their way to send it to you because they love and care about you.  :)

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