Friday, March 1, 2013

one on one time

Talton wanted to take Connar out for some one on one time today, which was perfect, because it gave Parker and I an opportunity to hang out together alone too!

If you have multiple children or have siblings yourself, you know that there's not tons of time where kids can hang out alone with their parent(s), yet it's so important for them to have some time alone with mom and dad every now and then where they don't have to share their time with someone else.

T & C walked down the beach and hiked Dongbaek Island.  Daddy even treated C to some cotton candy on the way home.  He said the girls walking by were in love with C.  As his mommy, I can completely understand that.  :)  At one point when they were hiking the hill, C told T, "Let's take a break", so they stopped and ate some cheese & crackers that T brought along.  Moments like this make me love my husband even more.  Oh, and to top it off, he took some really fantastic pictures on their hike for me!

C & T are at the bottom of the picture walking toward Dongbaek Island (the big hill at the top of the picture)

P and I went out front of our building to do one of his favorite in the dirt and rocks!  He really loved the fact that I let him walk there and home by himself.  He even held my hand!  So sweet!  I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that I was giving him drinks of my fountain Coke when he would say in his precious baby voice, "Jink...pwe" (drink please).  :)  Then, we came back upstairs because his little hands were starting to get cold, and we sat by the window overlooking the beach and shared a cookie and juice.  I loved every solitary moment with my Bug.


  1. Your view is amazing! Im so tired of the dead brown Korean I live in. We need to move to the beach!

  2. We are so lucky to have gotten this place. It's just one of those things, right place at the right time, I guess. When we were looking at options of places to live, we were like, go big or go home b/c we'll never have the chance to live on the beach like this again. Are you far from a beach where you could at least visit often?

  3. Awww Kristi you will remember these moments forever. I used to love my date night with my kids. And Talton I am so proud of the father you are. What a blessing it is for your boys to have a daddy who isn't afraid to love them out loud! And koodos on the picture taking... HUGE bonus points for that one Daddy! xoxox