Thursday, March 7, 2013

my funny Monkey

Some of my best laughs come from Connar.  Here's the latest:


Connar: “Where’s the filmometer?”
Talton: “What does that do?”
Connar: “I put it under Mommy’s arm.  Oh, here it is!” and holds up the play “thermometer”.

“My neck’s killing me!” after looking down for so long playing a game.

me: “Where do babies come from?”
Connar: “Their beds.”

Talton: “Connar, stop jumping on the bed.”
Connar: “I not jumping.  This is hopping.”

Connar was singing a song on Diego, a cartoon, about beavers building a dam so I started singing it too. 
Connar: "That hurts my ears."
Me: "What? The music?"
Connar: "No. You singing."

At the dinner table (because that makes it more inappropriate and, let’s be honest, funny):
Connar: “I tooted.”
Talton: “Is it stinky?”
Connar: Shakes his head yes, waves his hand in front of his face, and said, “Smells like a trash can.”


You're welcome for your dose of funny today.  :)

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