Thursday, March 14, 2013

a good day to play outside

Saturday turned out to be such a nice day all day long!

We started our day by heading to the park.  This was special, because we haven't been able to go to the park since maybe early November.  Thank goodness the wind stayed away and the weather was just right to throw on our hoodies and get to playing!  Throw in the fact that we met some new people at the park, navigated through two grocery stores, had a potty break, AND still made it home ON TIME to make lunch and get the boys napping at their regular time, and I'd call that a great morning!

 Gosh, he's CUTE!

This series of pictures makes me smile so big!
I just adore my husband.  I love that he'll climb in the slide to chase after Connar.  I love to hear Connar's giggle and see his humongous, happy smile.  And I love that Connar went to help his daddy get off the slide like such the sweet boy he is even though his daddy didn't really need the help.  :)

After naps, we headed back outside to get some more of that boy energy out.  Great weather!  (The fountain Coke Mommy bought downstairs didn't hurt either.  :)  )

They're lined up at the door waiting for us to let them out.  Have you ever watched the wild, crazy horse bucking because he's ready to be let out of the gate at the rodeo?  That's these two.  As soon as we open the gate door, they're off for the elevator to see who can get there first to push the down button.

We are sooooo ready for Spring to arrive in Busan permanently!  My flip flops and shorts are calling my name, people!  Plus, I'm tired of seeing 4 heavy coats and 4 hoodies stacked in the front hall.  I've heard of a rain dance, but is there some sort of Spring/good weather dance that I can do to help it come our way???   :)

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