Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday Thoughts 3.14.13

Hey everyone!  Here's my brain dump for the day.

  • My handsome hubs is in Singapore taking care of work business for a few days.  We miss him terribly and can't wait for him to hop on a couple planes to get back to us.  I sleep much more soundly when he's near.  I also can't wait for him to get back, because I sent him on a hunt to the local grocery store in Singapore to see if he could find any treasures for us that we can't get here in Korea.  I'm crossing my fingers!  :)
  • These boys of mine play so rough!  I'm serious!  I'm talking so rough that I'm considering not taking them out in public for a few days until some of their bruises have healed.  Yeah, you read that right....bruises.  Connar fell face first on a bench last weekend and has a long bruise across his cheek.  And that was only after he fell off the bed when he was messing around with Parker that morning.  He's got a small, circle bruise to prove that one.  Then today, they were wrestling with each other (as usual's their favorite thing to do!  I'm not kidding even a little bit!), and Connar came down a little too hard directly on Parker's eye/cheek.  Parker didn't fuss much at all, but that's really the norm for him.  He's such a tough little guy.  Needless to say, Parker now has a perfectly round, red circle around his eye from where his glasses smashed up against his face when Connar fell on him.  I wouldn't doubt if that red is black or blue tomorrow morning.  Oh, and Parker did dive forehead first into the clear shower door in my bathroom after tripping on a towel when he should've been walking.  I'm telling you, these boys...they're something else.  If I didn't have two boys myself, I don't know if I'd believe someone telling me how rough boys can be.  I'm just so thankful that we haven't had to make any trips to the ER yet.  I know it's wishful thinking, especially with brothers, but I'm really hoping that I never have to make that scary trip to the hospital because playing gets out of hand and an accident happens.
  • Talton and I have been some documentary watching fools lately.  I'm pretty sure we've paid someone's salary with the number of movies we've watched.  Seriously though, I'm so glad they're only like $5 to rent.  Here's what we've watched recently:
    • "The House I Live In" (about the War on Drugs in the U.S.)
    • "The Queen of Versailles" (about a billionaire family and their financial challenges)
    • "Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's JOURNEY" (about the real band Journey and how they came to stumble across their new lead singer from a YouTube careful--you might just find yourself singing along if you're anything like me!  Amazing story!)
    • "Sound City" (about a famous recording studio, the one of a kind recording console housed there, and the many infamous artists who recorded there)
    • "The Invisible War" (about the epidemic of rape within the U.S. military-- Here's a disgusting ruling that was made when a court dismissed a lawsuit just 15 months ago, in December 2011: "Rape is an occupational hazard of military service."  Seriously?!  How crazy disgusting is that?!  I can't even believe that that would come out of someone's mouth.  I'm thinking that should be on all pamphlets for any person to see who goes to enlist in the military.  An occupational hazard...Wow.)
    • "Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope" (about Comic-Con in San Diego...a huge annual event that started out as a comic book convention but now focuses more on movie and video game characters.  We needed some laughs after watching "The Invisible War", and the people that go to Comic-Con definitely give you plenty to giggle about.  I could totally go people watch there.)
  • I just rented the new season of "Army Wives", which I'm psyched about!  I didn't think they were going to come back for another season, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw the first new episode of the season on iTunes a few nights ago.  I totally bawled my eyes out the entire hour, but I love that show!
  • My husband's sister was in a car accident last week, so please include her in your prayers.  As a mom myself, I can't imagine the sick feeling of seeing your child hurt, no matter how old they are.  Also, please pray for her 6 year old daughter who hasn't seen her mom since she's still in ICU.
  • Tomorrow is my baby brother's birthday.  He'll be 22!  Now if that doesn't make me feel old, I don't know what will.
  • So my doorbell rang from downstairs today.  There was a delivery man asking to be let into the building..which is exactly what happens when the delivery man needs to drop off a package to our door.  So I let him in downstairs and waited on him to come up the elevator...and then waited and waited and waited some more.  He never came to my door.  I was so bummed out, because I totally thought someone sent me a surprise package that I didn't know was coming.  Talk about a let down.  That man must've delivered to a different person and accidentally called my number...lucky duck.
  • I took the boys to play at Hello Kitty today, and it was the first time we've been and there was nobody else there.  There is usually a whole daycare there, but not today!  Today, the super kind girl who works there went from activity to activity opening it up just for the boys as they asked for it.... the boats, the train, and the robot.  Fun stuff, man.  I love taking them to play somewhere...and I love even more that it wears them out.  The icing on the cake today was that Connar told me he was tired and was ready to go to sleep in the middle of eating his lunch.  He didn't want to finish eating.  The tired boy just wanted to go to sleep in his bed right then.  :)
 That's about it for now.  There might be more in my brain that I'm forgetting, but I stayed up extra late last night and now I'm exhausted earlier than normal.  I've got two guys that run on an internal alarm clock and who will be scampering into my room in the morning wanting to potty and have a cup of milk.  They don't care how much sleep I've gotten.  All they know is they slept all night in their beds, and now it's light outside which means that they can come out of their rooms.  That means I'm going to hit the hay and call it a day.

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