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Tuesday at TOKYO DISNEY SEA (part 3 of 3)

We ate lunch in the American Waterfront area at a place called "Cape Cod Cook-Off" (the white building below).

Thank goodness for chicken nuggets and french fries!  :)
Parker was pooped and fell asleep on the walk to lunch and slept right through it.  I'm so thankful for strollers with backs that lay flat in moments like this.  :)
When we made a stop at the restroom right after lunch, I gave my camera to Talton to hold since he was sitting out front with the boys in the stroller.  I'm so glad I didn't take the camera in with me like I always do, because this adorable fella strolled right in front of C (and a sleeping P)!
He snuck up on C...
...who acted shy, just like he'd been doing with every other character.  But I do love that smile on his face.  :)
If I don't look at you, you can't see me, right?!
Sneaking a peek to see if they're gone yet.


So while Parker was out like a light, I stood watch while Talton took Connar on a new ride in the "Port Discovery" area called "Aquatopia". 
C was hesitant at first, thinking it was going to be too fast, like a roller coaster.  I assured him he'd love it (thank goodness I was right!) since he loved the swirling teapots.  This ride was the same idea, just on the water, and it ran on its own track under the water so sometimes it would send you quickly forward just to then bring you to a complete stop, turn you 3 times, and send you backwards across the water.

He had the time of his life from the very beginning!
They were giggling so hard together.  Man, I love watching that!
He came off the ride and posed for this picture for me.  This is his peace sign that he made without me even asking him to (I guess he's been watching how Koreans take pictures for nearly a year now so he picked up on that).  This was so cute that I didn't want to correct him to hold up only two fingers.  :)
Then he asked me to take him on Aquatopia again.  There was no refusing that precious request after I had seen the fun he had with his daddy on it, and not to mention, Parker was still sleeping so it was the perfect time to do it again.  :)
Sitting next to him while he laughed and laughed that sweet 3 year old little boy laugh was one of the highlights of the entire trip for me.
This was by far his favorite ride in either park.... much so that we came back later that night and he wrote it two more times!  Crazy enough to believe, there was barely a line all four times we rode it that day!
I'm sure we would've ridden it like 15 more times if Connar had anything to do with it, but we had to run over to catch the day parade called "The Legend of Mythica".  

You can't go to Disney and not have a Mickey popsicle!

After that it was time to hit up the area known as "Arabian Coast".  I know it sounds crazy, but as we walked up to this area, it smelled like curry!  I promise!  Talton and I looked at each other like, "Do you smell that?", and then Parker started coughing because it was so strong.  When you walk into the different areas of Disney, you really feel like you're in that time period/part of the world/etc., and this area was no different.

Of course we had to ride "Caravan Carousel"!
What's better than a carousel?  A TWO STORY carousel!
Funny thing here too....When we were walking through the line, it smelled like camel poo!  I know it sounds far fetched, and we might've been persuaded that our noses were playing tricks on us until Connar proclaimed pretty loudly, "It smells like poo poo in here!"  Told you!  I don't know how they did that, because there was not a camel in sight.  Crazy!
Love that smile!
Parker insisted on bringing his Buzz Lightyear sword on the carousel.  :)  I can't tell you the last time I sat on an animal on a carousel rather than standing next to fun!
This picture sums up our time at Disney pretty well...full of fun, smiles, and memories!

"Jasmine's Flying Carpets"
We stood in line for it, just for some Japanese announcement to come on saying who knows what and then everyone exited out the side.  I still have no idea why they shut it down.  :(
It's Indiana Jones!
That's his translator on the right and an adoring fan on the left.  ;)

We left the park, hopped on the monorail, and headed over to Ikspiari.
We bought the boys some Crocs to wear out to the beach this summer (easy on and off shoes that are perfect for getting sandy and wet!).
Then we ate dinner at TGI Friday's at Ikspiari too.  Yummy!  For a second there, it felt like we were back in America.
This is how we navigated many escalators with the stroller!  It's not the ideal situation, but when the elevators are full or not nearby, this is easy enough.  Look at the boys....such pros with being leaned wayyyyy back.  It didn't faze them one bit.  :)

Then back on the monorail we went to head back to Disney Sea to watch the night parade called "Fantasmic!"!

The park looks so different lit up at night.  Gorgeous!

After the parade, we walked over to "Toy Story Mania!" to see if the wait had gone down dramatically from what it had been all day, and it was still an hour wait.  No sir, not with two littles.  So on we went... the "Tower of Terror"!  The ride was only 5 minutes, so I sent Talton on it while the boys and I passed the time with snacks while we waited.

Our final ride at Tokyo Disney was on the "Disney Sea Electric Railway".  The boys LOVE trains, and Connar had been asking to ride this baby all day.
(This is what it looks like during the day.)
Waving goodbye to Disney Sea!  Lots of big smiles and a happy family here.  :)

When we got back to the hotel, we were in a race to take showers and get in bed, because we were all exhausted.  Parker did manage to find a few minutes to sit with three of his favorite things: his bear, his drink, and his goldfish.  :)

The next thing I know, they're both passed out!  Those are some tired babies.
 When Talton and I were getting dressed for bed, Parker moved to sleep right next to his big brother.  They're such sweet, sweet boys.

And just like that, our time at Tokyo Disney was over.  It was a crazy busy, super fun 2 1/2 days that I'll never forget.  It was magical from beginning to end, and I'm so thankful that Talton and I were able to take the boys on this vacation.  They behaved amazingly and played their little hearts out.  The four of us had the time of our lives.  Thank you for the memories, Mickey.  :)

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  1. Hello!!!

    I've enjoyed reading all your entries on Tokyo Disneyland/Disneysea!!!
    My first and last time there was Jan 2013 with my sis and now I'm missing it terribly (>o< )/~

    Thank you for the wonderful posts on TDL/S and you have a lovely family!
    Both your boys, Connar and Parker are so so so cute~~ :D

    Sincerely, bubulala :D:D:D