Sunday, May 19, 2013

the boys lately

I taught C how to play "Candy Land" and "Memory" this week.  He has played Memory on the iPad with like 6 pictures before, so doing it with the actual cards on the table in front of him and upping the number of cards proved challenging but he loved it.  As for Candy Land, he has asked either me or Talton to play it every day since I taught him how to play it.  He really likes it.  I've always loved board games, so it makes me smile that he seems to like them too.

He is such a talker!  I love it.  He cracks us up every single day, without fail.  It's amazing to me to think about his language and vocabulary progress over the past year.....I'm in awe of how much kids change within a year and how much they learn every day at this age.  They're constantly growing and learning.  It really is amazing to see happening right in front of you.

He still loves to read!  He has loved books forever, and I love catching him in moments like this where he's in his room reading....even if he has pulled off nearly every book from the shelf.  :)

 He's still going to his gym class a few days a week and really enjoys that.  He is dripping sweat most days when I pick him up, so I'm thankful for the energy outlet it provides for him.

His favorite color is green and has been for a very long time.  For a while we thought he was just naming a color and it happened to be green every time we'd ask him what his favorite color was.  But considering he's never waivered from it, we're thinking it really is his favorite.  When he gets to choose a color for something, it's usually green.

P is totally into Thomas the Train right now.  When he wants to watch the movie, he grabs my hand to lead me to the drawer with the movies and says, "Help me.  Open drawer.  Tom Train."  It is the cutest thing ever! He even took a Thomas the Train book to dinner at a restaurant the other night and read it before showing any interest in eating.  He too loves books, and I often find him sitting somewhere minding his own business just reading a book.

He also loves little cars and trucks and often points them out when we see them on the streets.

He is going through the fun stage of eating where one day he loves something and then the next day he acts like he's hated it forever.  He's also doing the really fun thing where he doesn't eat as much as I'd like him to at every meal, but I have to keep reminding myself that he'll eat if he's hungry.  Connar use to do the same thing, and now he's come around so I know Parker will too.  In the mean time, I still don't like this eating phase.  :)

His new thing as of the last couple weeks is taking his diaper off.  One minute I see him and he's fully dressed.  The next minute I see him and he's running around with only a shirt on, which is my cue to go on a diaper hunt.  Thank goodness I've only had to clean up tee tee a couple times and thank goodness it was on the wood floor and not on someone's bed or another place it would be harder to clean up.  And it goes without saying that I'm so thankful he hasn't left me a more solid gift hiding in a corner, if you catch my drift.  Both yesterday and today I went into his room at nap time to check on him and found his diaper laying in the middle of the room and his naked hiney sound asleep in his bed curled around his bear and a blanket.  I'd be lying if I said I haven't thought of taping his diaper around his waist to prevent it from happening for the 15th time in a day. 

I love you, Monkey and Bug!!!

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  1. Hmmmm maybe it's time to introduce the potty chair. Let him watch the potty movie I sent last year.