Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tuesday at TOKYO DISNEY SEA (part 2 of 3)

Because this was our first day at Disney Sea, we spent a little time that morning getting our bearings and figuring out the best ways to navigate this new place.  It was soooo different than Disneyland and so cool!

 We walked through Mount Prometheus to get to...
"20,000 Leagues Under the Sea".
These are little mini subs you sit in.  Six people can sit in one ride vehicle, but because we basically walked onto the ride (love when there are no lines!!), we were able to go ahead with just our family of four.
After you're locked into your sub, it feels as though you're dropping into water and then exploring what's beneath the ocean's surface.  Funny thing is that you don't drop into water at all.  The ride is suspended on a track above it, and the water and bubbles that you see through your window are actually contained in double paned glass.  The ride was dark, and there was a story told in Japanese over the speakers.  The boys did not like this ride, because it was too dark, the little alarm bells that went off as part of the story a couple times, and the ocean creatures situated outside the ride to look like they were swimming by.

So here's some genius stuff!  In every restroom at Tokyo Disney parks there were three things that I think every restroom (especially women's restrooms considering we're the ones who take the kids potty most of the time) in the world should have.
1. a kid size toilet seat attached to the adult size seat that you can flip down when necessary
2. a chair attached to the wall that gives you a clean place to sit your infant or toddler to wait while you use the potty yourself......much better than trying to hold them in one hand (or worse) while you do your thing!
3. a changing table (these are in most restrooms already so I'll give them that but here's the kicker...) AND a small urinal for little boys who are young enough to still accompany their mommy into the restroom.  Have you ever tried having a little boy stand next to a full size toilet, not to be tall enough to get it in OR stood him on the toilet itself and prayed that you didn't lose your grip on him while he aimed just right?

Then it was on to an area that we knew the boys would love, "Mermaid Lagoon".
You can see "Arabian Coast" in the background.
In Mermaid Lagoon, Connar and Talton rode "Scuttle's Scooters".
I just loved all the colors!
We even found a few hidden Mickeys in the rocks!

"Jumpin' Jellyfish"
These two monkeys can find a place to climb anywhere!
Goofy loved Connar's hat!
"The Whirlpool"....same idea as the teacups at Disneyland...Connar loves these things!

While Connar rode "The Whirlpool", I went ahead and took Parker into "Ariel's Playground" to have some fun.

It's Prince Eric!
The boys went into this "ship"...
...and it wasn't long before they were running out!  You can sort of see the shark coming up on the screen in the back of the boat (below)...well we didn't know that was there until the screen flashed and there it was, scaring the daylights out of every person in there.  Not cool.
The boys enjoyed cruising the nets hanging from the ceiling...

How stinkin' cute is he?!  Can you tell I adore him?  :)
Inside the Mermaid Lagoon area, there was a little area with water splashing up and around.  That would be great for hot weather!  Since it wasn't hot and we didn't want them wet, we were on top of these boys trying to keep them from soaking themselves.  They giggled every time water would spurt out of somewhere.

We wanted to go back to the other side of the park to eat lunch, so instead of walking, we decided to hop on the "Disney Sea Transit Steamer Line" which cut our walking in half!

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