Sunday, May 19, 2013

first warm weekend...finally!

A few weekends ago was our first weekend of the year where it was warm enough both Saturday and Sunday to play outside in summer clothes.  Finally!

On Saturday I took the boys out not realizing it was hot enough we could've worn shorts, but there was no going back in to change into shorts because P would've flipped his lid thinking he wasn't going to play outside after all.  We took our bubbles and our beach bag full of beach toys and hit the sand!

 Haeundae Beach visitors....If you find small Matchbox cars hidden in the sand where you lay, please return them to C.  When we got home, he was like, "Where are my cars?"  I'm pretty sure I warned him he would bury them in the sand and forget about them....but who listens to Mommy?

The beach was lined with families, singles, young, and old.  With it being such a great beach day, I don't think anyone could stay inside!
These ladies were using bags of seaweed that had yet to be picked up and hauled away as chairs.  And when the sun comes out, so do the umbrellas, so expect to see many umbrellas from now until the end of the summer, whether it's on the beach or people walking on the street.
 posing for the camera
 There were at least 4 volleyball goals set up down the beach for some sort of tournament.
 golf lessons on the beach
 The guy on the left is wearing more clothes than he normally does, even on a cold day.  He's known as Thong Man for good reason.  One day I'll get a picture of him and his peeps playing frisbee in their little corner of the beach they claim every day.
 This was the fitness group of the morning.
Our friends even came out to join us a little later!

On Sunday we threw on our shorts and headed outside.  The boys rode their bikes down to an area with a big art piece we call "the big sea shells" because, well, they look like big sea shells.  Original, right?  :)

 Almost every time we get in the elevator, P either makes funny faces at himself or smiles really big.  :)

 P chasing the birds

I love my boys.  I'm so lucky.
 When we got to the water, C was hesitant and didn't want to get very close.  P continued inching forward.  :)

Yay for warmer weather!  So excited to be able to get out and enjoy Busan again without winter coats!


  1. Oh I think you know which is my favorite... Will you please send me that one? I love it!

  2. gosh what a beautiful view in the back ground on some of these pictures its so pretty there ... is that water cold?

    1. It is gorgeous here, for sure. I said, "If we're moving to Korea, we're doing it right and headed for the beach view. We're only going to have this opportunity once." And yes, the water is FREEZING, even now still. It won't warm up until July or August.