Sunday, May 26, 2013

play area in the Home Plus in Marine City

At the Home Plus we shop at every weekend for groceries, they recently reopened the renovated play area, and to my surprise, it was huge and full of fun things to do!

There were some similarities to the play area in the Home Plus in Centum City (about 5-10 minutes away, depending on traffic), but there were also some differences that make this play area unique.  It cost 9,000 won per child for a two hour time period....AKA plenty of time to wear them out.  :)

 Aren't these tiny teepees adorable?!
 You can even fish in the "Camping Play" area!




C took his socks off in here.  Yep, I'm serious.
Thank goodness he remembered where he was sitting when he did it, so I was able to find them when I was searching elbow deep in balls.

Look how cute P is waiting his turn like a good boy.  :)
 He was loving this roller slide and had a few moves coming down...

 P didn't want to ride at first, because he only likes to sit in the first car and drive.  There is no compromising with him: "Ride in the back with C first and then you can drive on the next ride."  Yeah right.  So he waited outside the door and screamed until...
 ...the lady stopped the train and squished him up front with another little boy.  I guess toddler screams are all the same, no matter the language, because she understood what he wanted.  :)


"Bubble Zone" was pretty cool!
 Gotta wear your rain boots in this area.  Pick a pair off the shelf and go on in!
 This table was so neat!  You dip your little bubble wand into a small cup of solution and then hold it above a fan built into the table to make bubbles float into the air!
 P's hands were covered in the bubble solution, because he was having a blast sticking his hands in the cup and swirling them around.  Geez Louise.
 The lady lifted the rod from the bottom of the rack where it sits in a pool of bubble solution and it creates a big, tall bubble.  If you blow into the tall bubble, bubbles blow out of it.
 You stand in the center of this one, and the lady lifts the hoola hoop up which creates a big bubble around you.  C stood so still next to this little girl and then blew when the lady told them to to make bubbles come out of it.

 P refused to put on boots to play in the sand area (their rules, not mine), so he sat out here and threw a fit instead.  Love when that happens.

They had so much fun we took the boys back to play this weekend.  Needless to say, it's a fun place!

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