Sunday, May 5, 2013

Monday at TOKYO DISNEYLAND (part 3 of 3)

After the parade, we went on to see what else Disneyland had to offer!  This being our last day at Disneyland before spending the following day at Disney Sea, we were working hard to not waste time and get everything done we wanted to do.

After seeing the many different popcorn flavors throughout the park, we were happy when we came across an oldie but a goodie...caramel!
And here's C carrying our popcorn bucket.  I love that no matter where you get your popcorn in the park, the bucket has a long strap to hang it around your neck so your hands are free for other things.


T ran in Cafe Orleans and grabbed a strawberry crepe.  It was gone before I could even snap a picture. :)

And while T ate his snack, C took a sucker break (P was still asleep in the stroller).

We bought C these adorable binoculars that look like Mickey's white gloved hands are holding them.

T took C on "Pirates of the Caribbean" (the wait was only like 5 minutes, so I didn't want him to pass that up) while I waited with a sleeping P.  Beautiful day!  I sat in the shade, enjoyed the breeze, and people watched.  :)

While they were riding, I strolled over to this drink stand.  I soon remembered that T had the Yen in his pocket, and they didn't accept credit cards.  Aw, man.

"Western River Railroad"
P was busy throwing an awesome fit, so T said he'd stay behind and for me to take C on the train.  It stinks that he couldn't go on it too, but trust me when I say the people would've been throwing us off the train if we took P on there all cranky and screaming.

We saw "Mark Twain's Riverboat" and "Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes" as the train chugged on by.

We also rode by "Big Thunder Mountain".

I finally got P to calm down enough to hop on the "Jungle Cruise" with us.  It was touch and go a couple times (What can I say...he's two!), but he stuck it out.  Thank goodness he could sit on my lap on the boat....otherwise, C would've been going solo with his daddy on this one.  I'm glad P and I didn't miss it though.  :)

We went back to "Tomorrowland Terrace" for dinner.  Nuggets and fries all around!  P even took his socks and shoes off to make himself more comfy, like he was at home.  Then I caught him putting his feet on the table!  Goodness gracious...

After dinner, we set out for the electrical night parade called "Dreamlights"!
Check out the separate post for that FANTASTIC parade!  We even got front row seats for that one!

After the parade, we headed back into Toontown to let the boys do a couple more fun activities before calling it a night.

We waited in line at "Goofy's Paint 'n' Play House".
 The boys got a minute or so to "paint" the walls in Goofy's house.

After that we went back to run around on "Donald's Boat".  They loved that boat!

We decided to stop by "Ice Cream Cones" in the World Bazaar on our way out of the park.


P & T shared a chocolate cone while C shared his strawberry cup with me.  :)
I see you!

Since this was our last time at Disneyland and were heading to Disney Sea the next day, we took one last look at Cinderella's Castle all lit up before turning our backs and heading for the monorail.
They loved those swords that we bought for the night parade and had them lit up all the way back to the hotel.   :)

We had to unplug the phone, because P just couldn't fight the urge to talk on it.  :)

Bathed, dressed, and still looking for fun.  :)

Knowing we used our time wisely over the past day and a half at Disneyland and did everything we wanted to do, we were excited to see what Disney Sea had to offer the next day!

Be sure to go check out the night time electrical parade post!
"Monday at TOKYO DISNEYLAND - night parade"

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  1. Looks like you 4 had such a great time, minus to 2 year old melt downs! :) And I couldn't agree more with the awesome popcorn there! I didn't get any, but I would stop and smell each cart as we walked by! :)