Sunday, May 19, 2013

my funny Monkey

I don't know where he learns this stuff, but it keeps on spilling out of his mouth and making my days!  Enjoy a good laugh on my funny Monkey....


“My mouth is thirsty.”

Connar wanted some ice tea, and when I told him it was still warm he said, “Sure it’s not.”

He was being silly hanging off the table, and because I wasn’t paying him attention, he said in an annoyed tone, “Hey!  Hey!  A little help here.”

Connar has been wearing Talton’s watch all day
Talton: "Connar, what time is it?"
Connar: "It's two..three!"
Talton: "Oh that means it's bath time."
Connar: "Oh, no, it's not two..three! It's 23." (as if that was a completely different time!)

Connar was looking at a picture on my computer and said, “Hey, who are those cute guys?  It’s Connar, Parker, and Daddy!”

“I’m gonna put it in my backpack for safe keeping.”

I was kissing him on the cheek while he was watching a movie, and he turned to me and said, “Would you cut it out?  Just cut that kissing out.”

He slowly walked out of his room after nap time and said, “My head is killing me, Momma. “
me: “Why, buddy?”
Connar: “Because my head is killing me.”
Oh, okay.

Connar: “Look Momma!  I’m cleaning!”
me: “Connar!  No!  We don’t clean the windows with Daddy’s toothbrush.”
As he’s walking back to the bathroom to put T’s toothbrush back: “Oh, okay.  I’ll use yours.”

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  1. I'm so glad you're writing this stuff down. You will look back on this many times in your future and be glad you did. I love the Mommy you are Kristi Gail.