Friday, May 3, 2013

Sunday at TOKYO DISNEYLAND (part 2 of 2)

After we ate a little dinner, we set out to have some more fun!

Next up was the "Castle Carousel"!  I knew this would be a big hit, because both boys LOVE carousels!  We can't get out of the zoo back home in Houston without taking a spin on it every time we visit.

Close by the carousel is "It's a Small World", and there was literally no wait whatsoever to get in!
We parked our stroller in the stroller parking lot and made our way in.
There are strolling parking lots at every ride, and there is even someone in charge of keeping them all organized and condensed into clean, tight rows so the area doesn't get out of hand.  Every time we'd come off a ride and go to retrieve our stroller, it would be in a different place than where we left it.  And when we'd pull our stroller out of the line, they'd quickly fill in the hole with another stroller.  They were on top of their stroller game!

I took a couple videos on this ride.  It was so cool!  Your little boat slowly floated through many countries while music played.  There was so much going on through the entire ride that when we rode it again the next day, we noticed things we missed the first time.  And let me just tell you about the music!  It played the "It's a small world after all...." song over and over again, and when you'd transition into the next country's area, the beat of the music would stay the same but the language seamlessly changeed to match the country you were currently floating through.  It was such a cool, calm family ride.  :)

After that, we were walking back by "Pooh's Hunny Hunt" and noticed the wait time said 30 minutes.  We also noticed the line didn't seem like it would take that long, so we took our chances and headed in.  Thankfully, we only waited in line for like 10 minutes before hopping on.
The line starts outside and then leads you into the big book that you see from the outside.  You're traveling through the pages of the book to get on the ride.

The four of us got in one "hunny pot".

The "hunny pots" traveled from room to room where there were many different scenes going on.

When you watch this video, notice when Tigger bounces onto the screen that the pots we're sitting in start bouncing in rhythm with him.  Such a neat feature!  Oh, and you'll also hear the characters talking in Japanese, because well, we're at TOKYO Disney.  :)
  This ride was a little dark and on the scarier side for little ones, so while they weren't freaking out on this ride, we wouldn't take them back on it again.  It was a cool ride and I'm glad we were able to do it, but I think it's a little too advanced with the dark scenes for youngsters like mine!  Who'd a thunk it though....we are talking about Winnie the Pooh here!  :)

Cinderella's Castle at night is just as magical as during the day!

Talk about pooped!  They hung in there for a very long day of traveling and fun.  We got them in bed much later than we normally do while we were at Disney for all three nights, but they really did an amazing job sticking with us for the extended hours.  Yay, C & P!

We headed on back to the hotel and prepared ourselves for a full day at Disneyland the next day!

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