Saturday, May 18, 2013

extra fun from TOKYO DISNEY

As a bonus, I wanted to share some more Tokyo Disney fun with you!  Enjoy!

I absolutely loved coming across new hats!  It was never ending, really.  Just when I thought I'd seen all the hats Disney had to offer, we'd stumble across a new one.

Not only did the fun hats make me smile, so did the interesting accessories and matching outfits people wore.  Loved it all!

Even princesses need a water break, people.  :)

I especially love the touch with putting her hair in two buns to resemble Minnie Mouse's ears.  :)

How off the charts adorable is this tiny Mickey Mouse?!

Proof that you're never too young to start accessorizing and glamming it up!  The pearl necklace is almost too cute for me to handle!

McQueen hat?  Check!
Cars crocs?  Check!
Popcorn bucket half my size?  Check!

I can't get enough of these cutie patootie kids all decked out!

There is no age limit on fun at Disney!  Good for her, getting her pirate Mickey hat on!

Once I realized women were wearing hose with images printed on them, I started snapping away.  I've never seen anything like it!  There were so many more that I never got a picture of because I didn't see them until they were too close to get a picture without being noticed, so these will have to do.  :)

Then we came across this store in Ikspiari that sells all kinds of these funky types of hose!  It's called "LeGlove".  :)

Then there's the many popcorn stands to choose from!  Talk about variety...
caramel popcorn
soy sauce & butter popcorn
honey popcorn
apple cinnamon popcorn
black pepper popcorn
milk tea popcorn

Meet Duffy (the bear).
"As the story goes, Minnie Mouse created Duffy for Mickey Mouse as he was packing for a long voyage at sea."  You can read more about Duffy here.
The thing we found funny about Duffy is that people walked around with several Duffy bears at one time...facing outward like a baby to see everyone who walked by, or like the case in the picture below, they situated them just right so they could see everyone behind them (there was no stuffing Duffy in a bag to take home!).  There were also different size Duffy bears you could purchase.  You can even dress your Duffy up in entire outfits (it reminds me of "Build a Bear").
And people would even pose their bears for pictures.  Craziness, I tell ya.

It's all of these extras that added to the memories and fun of our Tokyo Disney trip!  What a blast!

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