Saturday, May 25, 2013

a box just for the boys

How sweet and thoughtful is this?  A friend I worked with 10 years ago sent the boys a box that arrived this past week.  She sent me a message on Facebook saying, "I'd love to send the boys some coloring pages or something just so they get some mail. I know my kids get excited about mail."  

Well let's just say she sent them more than coloring pages.  They received three coloring books, a couple packs of crayons, two Slinkies, a few puzzles, a book, a memory card game, and a couple boxes of good ole macaroni and cheese.

Let me just tell you, they colored that very night and gave those Slinkies a run for their money.  Then one morning I found Connar coloring at the kitchen table....he never came to wake me up...just tiptoed his way into the dining room and started coloring his heart out.  We've read the dinosaur book several times every day, and Connar has even made up his own words to the book to "read" to me for the past few nights.

 Tiffany, you made their day!  Seriously, you should've seen how excited they were about finding a box next to our door.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking time out of your super busy schedule with your own three kids and husband to shop for and ship these items to Korea.  Sending big hugs your way, girl!

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