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Tuesday at TOKYO DISNEY SEA (part 1 of 3)

We nearly closed down Disneyland for the past two nights, so it has been extremely late when all four of us are showered and ready for lights out.  I think the only thing that gets us up and going so early the next morning is the promise of more adventure and fun!

Our third day at Disney was especially cool, because we were heading to Disney Sea and it's the only one of its kind in the world!

Look what I spotted in the carpet design in our hotel!

Anxiously waiting for the monorail to pull into our station to whisk us away to Disney Sea!

This is the entrance of Disney Sea, as seen from the monorail.

And this is the line to get into Disney Sea (it's actually the line if you have tickets already).  So long but it went pretty quickly.

 The first thing you see in Disneyland is Cinderella's Castle, but the first thing you see in Disney Sea is the huge volcano that is "Mount Prometheus".

There is a large body of water at the front of the park called "Mediterranean Harbor" where they have big water performances.

We were walking through the "American Waterfront" area of Disney Sea to get to "Toy Story Mania!" to pick up fastpasses, but it was insanely crowded from this point to the end of the street.  We had an idea as to why it was so crowded that would later be confirmed, but while what seemed like everyone in Disney Sea was on this street, we headed off to the "Papadakis Fresh Fruit" stand in the same area where we picked up a banana and a cup of fruit for the boys and then to explore a bit.

The "Disney Sea Electric Railway"is a cute red trolley that transports you from the "American Waterfront" area to the "Port Discovery" area and vice versa.

 Located between the "Mount Prometheus" volcano and (partly on) "Mediterranean Harbor", this boat and the area behind it are called "Fortress Explorations".
 a shot of Mediterranean Harbor from near "Fortress Explorations" looking toward the entrance of Disney Sea
 This room is called "Chamber of Planets", and it's within the "Fortress Explorations".  You can manually power the planets to rotate around the sun, and the ceiling is full of constellations.
 The next two pictures make me laugh, because in this one Talton is leading Parker who wants to go check something else out that's behind them.
 Then the tables turn and Parker is basically pulling Talton.  :)

After we explored that attraction, we decided to head back to "Toy Story Mania!", which is through the "American Waterfront" area.

This area was so cool!  This is when our thoughts from earlier were confirmed....The reason it was so packed and we couldn't get anywhere near this 30 minutes before was because so many people were coming here to ride "Toy Story Mania!" and/or get fastpasses for it.  By the time we came to get a fastpass (only an hour after the park opened!), the time to come back to use your fastpass was at 8 pm.  Seriously?! 
 So our dilemma was this: Either take the 8 pm fastpass and then we wouldn't be able to get another fastpass the whole day because you can't pick up another fastpass until you've used the previous one OR don't take the 8 pm fastpass and just keep checking back as the day goes on to see if the line is at a decent waiting time.  Neither was a great choice, so we chose to do the latter.

The wait continued to be at least an hour or way more every time we checked, and since we only had this one day at Disney Sea and tons of other stuff to enjoy, we never rode this ride.  It's the only ride we didn't ride at either Disney park that we really wanted to.  Bummer, but the good thing is that the boys had no idea that it was even a ride and that they were missing out.  Oh well, that's life, so we moved on and dove into many other fun rides and activities instead!  :)

When we walked by, I told the boys, "Hey, it's Scrooge!" to which his Japanese helper excitedly said, "Yes!  Is Scroogie!"  :)

"Tower of Terror"....Talton rode this later that night!

This big boat houses the attraction "Turtle Talk" and two restaurants "S.S. Columbia Dining Room" and "The Teddy Roosevelt Lounge".


I stopped in this "Delancey Catering" bus for a hot dog, the only item on their menu.
 The boys had fun climbing all over the cars nearby.
 The hot dog came in this wrapper that looks like an American newspaper.
 As I was eating my hot dog, Connar asked for a bite....and then a whole hot dog for himself.  :)  And he ate the entire thing (sans buns, but still!)!

Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio

J. Worthington Foulfellow from Pinocchio

Gideon from Pinocchio


Geppetto from Pinocchio

More fun at Disney Sea in the next post: "Tuesday at TOKYO DISNEY SEA (part 2 of 3)"

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