Saturday, May 25, 2013

a GLOWing bath!

So this happened tonight....

The boys loved playing with glow sticks in the bathtub!  To stretch the fun out as long as we could, we even bathed them with the lights off.  :)

Here's a helpful hint, in case you want to do this with your kiddos....and I'm hypothetically speaking, okay?  When you crack the sticks bit by bit to get them to start glowing, don't use all your strength and nearly break them in half.  Reason being, and remember I'm hypothetically speaking, they might bust open and squirt all over everything in a 5 foot radius.  I'm talking neon yellow drips of whatever that is inside the tube on the ceiling, on the mirror, in the sink, on a teddy bear that your 2 year old sleeps with, and even on the top of said 2 year old's noggin and the bottom of his sweet toddler feet.  All possible and of course, hypothetical.  :)

1 comment:

  1. How awesome is that, Parker's feet now glow in the dark. As Connar would say, "That's cool!" Hypothetically speaking, of course.