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Monday at TOKYO DISNEYLAND (part 1 of 3)

When we hopped on the Disney monorail first thing in the morning, these adorable kiddos made me even more excited to get inside Disneyland again!  I love how they're all decked out...headwear, shirts, and even their own popcorn buckets!

This was the actual day of Tokyo Disney's 30th Anniversary, so they started the morning off with a show and fireworks by Cinderella's Castle (See it in the distance? We couldn't have gotten any closer if we tried.), and then the characters paraded around a bit.  We were okay with missing it, because it gave us an opportunity to go try to do some things before all these people got up to do the same.
 Both sides of the street were covered in people just waiting on the characters to march by.

We decided to wait in line for "Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek!" since it was a fairly short wait for what it normally is (it's one of the most popular rides)...30 minutes, I believe.

 Talton kept telling Parker to look his way to take our picture, but he kept grabbing my face and kissing me instead.  My sweet love bug!
 Amazingly, Parker didn't try to run away from us when we let him stand in line.
 He's looking more and more grown up these days.  :(  and  :) at the same time.
 The idea for the ride is that you shine your flashlight on the monsters trying to hide.
 The word play on this store window makes me laugh:
"Tony's Grossery", "Spleen Beans", "Mangle Fruit", "Kreature Krisp cereal"
 T & C were in the car in front of us, but because the cars twist and turn throughout the ride, I was able to catch a picture of them real quick.  :)
 We had no idea our picture was being taken until we got off the ride and saw this TV!  I love it!
 I was trying to keep Parker calm (he wanted me to hold him and that's not allowed) by talking to him.
 C was a little scared on this ride, because of the dark places and monsters....even though he likes the movie.  It's just different when they are life size.

These people were already lining up for the day time parade--like 5 hours before the parade!  I wouldn't doubt it if some people pay for a friend or family member who doesn't care about riding rides to come and hold their spot for the parade hours beforehand.  Seriously.

Then it was time to tour Mommy's house Cinderella's Castle!
 There were beautiful tile murals on the walls that depicted scenes from Cinderella.
 The columns were full of cool little details too!
 "Cinderella's Fairy Tale Hall"
 This was motorized and had all the little animals building Cinderella's dress.  C was mesmerized!
Now those are some crazy good origami skills!
 I thought about waiting in line to do this myself, but I thought it might be a little awkward, so I settled for a picture of this adorable princess instead.  :)

This is "It's a Small World" in daylight.  It's massive!

There was no question whatsoever that I was getting mouse ears on this trip.  Connar wanted Goofy ears, and Talton is such a great daddy and good sport that he found something to wear on his noggin too!  Parker, however, was not having any of it.  Next time, buddy.  :)

a cute little snack truck in Toontown

 "Goofy's Paint 'n' Play House" -- we went inside here later that night

This is Mickey's House and also where you can meet Mickey.  As you can imagine, this line was out the door every single time we checked.  We're talking no less than a 90 minute wait time, and that, my friends, wasn't happening.  So as much as I would've liked to have a picture of the boys with Mickey Mouse, that just didn't work out on this Disney trip.  And I was more than okay with that, because neither of them was interested in posing with characters anyway. 

"Chip'n Dale's Treehouse"

C's Goofy hat was smack dab in P's face when he'd lean it back off his forehead.  Instead of P getting mad, he decided to play with it.  :)

exploring "Donald's Boat" named "Miss Daisy"
This picture was taken later at night, but it's the only one I have of the boat from the outside.
This girl asked if she could take a picture with Parker.  This has happened countless times since living in Korea, and Parker gives the same amount of attention to each person who tries to get him to look at their camera and smile....none.  :)  It really is funny to watch.  After a sec, he wants away from them and looks for me, which is my cue to sweep him up and away.  :)
 Now here's a person he gives attention to every time...his daddy.  :)
Goofy's house is next to Donald's boat -- I love how topsy turvy it is!  And I especially love that Goofy's hat sits on top.  :)

This is the roller coaster C & T rode the night before.  It was dark then so I couldn't get a good picture of it when they rode it.

To see more of our day at Disneyland, click on the next post, "Monday at TOKYO DISNEYLAND (part 2 of 3)"!

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