Monday, September 9, 2013

day 9 with DKRK

We had been running around so much while DJ, Kelsie, Ryan, and Kaylon were here that we decided to just hang out this day.  Unfortunately, it was "rainy season" during their time in Korea and most of the days were either rainy or overcast.  Fortunately, that's not enough to stop us from getting out and making the most of it.  Because there hadn't been too many good, sunny beach days during their stay with us, we decided to go out this day regardless of the clouds and hit the beach!

Not only did Parker want to climb up and down the sand hill, he wanted to do it with a ball in one hand and a big rock in the other.  He would not accept help either.  Can you say Mr. Independent???

Ha!  A little cold?  :)


Ryan helped the boys make a small "pool" to catch water as it washed ashore.
 C had a blast running back and forth filling up his buckets!
 P was more interested in sitting in the middle of the pool while C & Ryan filled it up.  :)

 Love these two!


DJ was showing C a hermit crab.


This picture of the 4 of us makes me think of one of my favorite pictures of us as little kids (below). :)

It's crazy to think that now we're all old enough to either live in South Korea or travel here alone to vacation.  Isn't it amazing how time flies?!  That's something I try to keep in mind with my own family, because I know I'm going to blink and my kids will be grown too.  That's why I take so many pictures.  I never ever want to forget anything with them.

Who knew that a simple day at the beach on an cloudy day could be so much fun?!

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  1. I was smiling while reading this post and watching the video of Connar on the beach and in the water (he looked like he was have a ball). Then I came to the last picture of y'all when you were little and I started crying. Yes, time goes by so fast Kristi Gail. Hold your babies tight and raise them on purpose so that they have many memories to refer back to. YOU ARE THE BEST MOMMY I KNOW!!! I love you!