Friday, August 9, 2013

day 8 with DKRK

We busted out our umbrellas and headed to China Town this day.  This is the first time Talton or I had ever been here either, so we weren't sure what to expect.  I was hoping to score some "I <3 KOREA" shirts but couldn't find any.  Boo for that.

 Would you carry this suitcase???

 "Club Las Vegas"
 I would like to go to this "foot shop" for a good foot massage.  I got a massage at a place near our condo where the lady stood on the bottom of my feet, and it felt so good!

China Massage...
A few of the items on the list of services listed right there outside the door include:
"After Body" -- hmmmm.  What exactly is that?
"All Body Foot Massage" -- that's quite the contradiction and is quite confusing
"Head Shoulder Waist" -- Have you ever had your waist massaged???

 The only tattoo shop I've ever seen in Korea...
 And thank goodness they were closed, because I don't know if I would've ever heard the end of it if all 3 of them got tattoos while visiting me in Korea.

We stopped in to Lotteria...basically Korea's version of McDonald's, for lunch.

checking out the English menus...

 A few things on the menu:
"squid rings (instead of onion rings), corn salad, crab nuggets, yogurt flavored salad"
 You can add a packet of seasoning (sour cream & onion, cheese, or chili) to the bag with either your nuggets or french fries to change the flavor.
 And then you close the bag and shake it up!

 This machine spits out warm towels to clean your hands after you eat.
 The spicy chicken sandwich was pretty good, after we scraped all the extra stuff off.  It reminded us of Chick fil A.

 Then we walked across the street where we parked at Busan Station (train station) to show them around there a bit.

Despite the rain, it was another great day in the books with some of my favorite people!

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