Monday, August 5, 2013

day 5 with DKRK

Day 5 began like all the others....Kelsie got Parker a cup of milk and he laid with her for a while, then he went to snuggle between Kaylon and Ryan.  :)

Today was THE 4th OF JULY, so we all wore red, white, and blue shirts that my mom sent for us.  She wanted us to take a picture all together, which we did later, but we decided to just wear the shirts all day so we didn't get a second set of clothes dirty.  Just FYI in case you're wondering why we're all matching in these pictures.  :)

We all squished in the car and drove over to the Trick Eye Museum....only to find out that they've closed it down.  Ugh.  That's Korea for ya.  Bummer because I've been looking forward to going here for a long time now, and I put it off until DKRK got here because I knew they'd like it too.  :(

So instead we strolled around the area and explored a bit.
 Anyone hungry?
 These two little boys were being so good and so patient.  This was not fun for them, but they hung in there with us.  :)

Photo bombing...
This one actually reminds me of the movie "Hangover"...except there's Kaylon....andddd one of them would need a baby on their chest.  :)

The girls headed out to pick up Mickey D's for lunch for everyone once we got back home.

I set up some painting for the boys, and Kaylon & Kelsie wanted in on the fun too.

After the boys went to bed, it was the girls' turn for a night out.  Woo hoo!  Pouring rain couldn't stop us!
I love this one!
 We started at The Back Room...
Funny thing--we actually met a group of military guys from TEXAS!  So fun for us to get to wish people a Happy 4th in Korea!
Oh, and the waiters did this...
 Then we moved on to Thursday Party...

Thanks, girls, for a fun time!  I wish we could have GNO more often. :)

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