Friday, August 9, 2013

day 7 with DKRK

Beomeosa Temple was next on our to do list.  It's so different than Yonggungsa, the temple we took them to earlier in the week, in that Beomeosa is deep in the lush, green forest.  It's such a peaceful place.  I can only imagine how gorgeous it is in the Fall when the leaves are changing colors.


There are always people praying at the temples, but today we got extra lucky and peeked in when the monks were chanting and praying.  Amazing.  It's one of those things you don't think much about until you have the experience yourself.

 Connar was telling Parker to be quiet....even though Parker wasn't making a sound.  :)  Way to be proactive, buddy.  You're a great big brother.  :)
 They were so intrigued by what was going on here.


 I had to chase this little runaway...


When we got home from the temple, DJ and Ryan took the opportunity to go down to the beach for a bit for some brother time.

And then later in the day we had samgyetang for dinner.  I couldn't wait for them to have a traditional Korean meal sitting on the floor.  You just have to do this if you make the trek all the way across the world.

 Kelsie & Kaylon's socks from the Korean market...
 This box of spoons and chopsticks is a permanent fixture at the table.
 The samgyetang is boiling hot when it's brought to the table.
 And of course it wouldn't be a Korean meal without lots of side dishes...
With the side dishes and each person having four bowls in front of them (one with the samgyetang, one for scooping a smaller portion into, one for the bones and pieces you don't want to eat, and one for your personal serving of salt), it gets to be a very crowded table very quickly.
 Add in a couple iPads to keep kids seated and quiet, as well as their dinners from home, and it's just a tad packed at the table.

 WISH BONE.... Who will win?
 ha!  :)  And check out DJ poking Talton with his losing end!

 As soon as you get up, several ladies come and clear your table.  The next thing you know, you look up from putting your shoes back on, and there is a new group of people sitting at your table.  It's that fast of a turn around.

Love these days of making memories with some of my favorite people.  :)

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