Monday, August 5, 2013

day 6 with DKRK

Day 6... :)

We set out early for Jagalchi...the largest fish market in Korea.
It was a long subway ride, at least 45 minutes, but the boys did great which always makes traveling so much easier.  :)
 Kaylon was giggling because she and DJ were sitting here when this lady got on the subway and sat right between them.  haa!!!  Welcome to the land of no personal space!  :)
 The closer we got to Jagalchi, the busier the subway got.
 This eel jumped right out of the tank!
 This lady was waving this shark around at us.  At first I wasn't sure if it was real or not.
 And then she tossed it right in front of us.  It was real.
 These guys were trying to escape!
 These ladies were having trouble throwing these boxes on a high shelf, so they recruited Ryan to help them since he's so tall.  :) 
 We went across the street to where they use to hold the annual Busan International Film Festival to browse.
 He is so silly!
 We bought the boys these cute little slap watch bracelets...
 These are comparable to our Hollywood Walk of Fame...

I'm so glad we decided to get out even though we weren't sure about the weather this morning, because it seemed to hold off for us.  Thank goodness!

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