Monday, August 5, 2013

day 2 with DKRK

Day 2 started early with a hike around Dongbaek Island.

I loved having my brothers here for the obvious reason but also because one got to wear my heavy backpack full of kid supplies and the other pushed the heavy, I didn't make them.  They just did it because they're awesome like that.  :)

Parker decided he didn't want to be in the stroller anymore, so Kelsie carried him.
 And then she hoisted him on her shoulders.
 And then DJ did the same.  It's a good thing P's cute.
 Hi there, handsome!

These three decided to kick off their shoes and climb on top of a rock jutting out.

 Can you see them???
 I'm so lucky to have two brothers that love keeping up with their nephews!

On our walk back home, DJ and Parker switched hats.  :)
 We mosied through a little market on our way...

Look what we saw on the way to dinner....matching backpacks!

Dinner this night was Korean BBQ....DELICIOUS!
It was so hot in there, and there was no a/c on (normal around here) so we were so thankful to have spotted this fan in the corner.  We turned that baby on and were in business!

 DJ and Ryan were cracking us up trying some of the many side dishes brought to the table.
 haaa!  Kaylon and Kelsie's faces were priceless...

Seeing this meat makes me want to go there right now.  So good!
Korean mandu (dumplings) filled with vegetables and noodles...

Korean BBQ was one of their favorite meals with us, and this was another great day in the books!
More memories to come!

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