Saturday, August 3, 2013

Let the sibling vacation begin!

Just 12 days after my dad and Esther left Busan, we got our next round of summer visitors!
I can't even begin to tell you how excited Talton and I were to have them coming to see us.  We knew we were going to have the best time and laugh every day.  I love when we all get together.  It makes my heart very very happy.  :)

DJ, Kelsie, Kaylon (Ryan's awesome girlfriend), and Ryan

Here are some of the pics they took on their looooonnnnggg journey to see us (they had a total of 3 planes and nearly 24 hours of flight time)...

1st flight...from Houston to San Francisco: Oh yeah, everyone's all bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Just wait.  :)
I love that DJ used my mom's PINK neck roll.  :)
hee hee!  :)

2nd flight...the long one from California to Japan:
This one makes me laugh!

nap time...  That must be nice.  :)
I've done this journey 3 times so far (it will be 5 times by September) and I can't help but think how different our experiences are on these flights when I look at these pictures of you guys resting and just hanging out in peace.  That's okay, one day you'll know who to come to if you need advice on how to travel with a toddler/preschooler on a long flight...I'm your gal.  :)
side note for anyone reading this who has flown or will fly in their lifetime--Please, for me, smile at the mom who is traveling with kids.  It's hard and stressful.  I know you may feel irritated for a moment if the child fusses or screams, but please have some empathy and compassion.  It's hard enough dealing with a child you're asking to be confined to a little square of space for hours on end, but it makes it even worse when you get an ugly look or comment from someone.  So please send a smile her way...tell her to hang in there (maybe buy her a drink...kidding)...and maybe even give her a high five as you pass her on your way off the plane.  Trust me, she'll appreciate it more than you know.
Okay, back to our regularly scheduled blog post.  :)

just relaxing on the plane


3rd flight...from Osaka, Japan to Busan, South Korea.
What?!  There's no picture from that flight?  Oh, and it's the shortest flight of all, yet still no picture?  :)  What happened to the bright eyed and bushy tailed bunch from the first flight?  :) They're exhausted, that's what.  I don't blame them...I'm so thankful they were up for this long day of traveling to come see us.

The boys and I stayed home while Talton picked them up at the airport (we couldn't have all fit in the car with them and their luggage).  I asked him to take pictures of them when they came out of the arrivals doors for me since I wasn't there to see it for myself.  Thanks, babe!  :)

Kaylon took this picture of Talton (with his phone in front of his face taking pictures of them) as she came out of the arrivals doors.  :)

How cute are they, posing for a picture in the airport parking lot?!  They're all so happy to be here, and we were ecstatic to have them!

This is one of my all time absolute favorite videos.  I took this as they walked in our door, where the boys and I were waiting on them.  I didn't realize I was screeching so loudly until I watched the video later.  Oopsie!  I was so excited to see them!!!

I had to turn the video off to give proper hugs.  :)  Seeing this picture of me hugging Kelsie makes me tear up again.  I just love these guys and missed them so much.

Connar had them playing baseball within minutes of arriving.

Kaylon brought them a bag full of goodies.  :)

They were starving, so we whipped up some food before they showered and crashed for the night.

While C was playing with Ryan, he fell and busted his eyebrow open.
The only thing that made it better was this monkey bandaid.  :)

I still can't believe that all the stars aligned and they were able to make a trip to Korea possible!  We couldn't wait to show them around our current home of Busan and give them experiences they'd never get otherwise.  Trust me when I say that we made lifelong memories and laughed until our sides hurt.
Stay tuned for the rest of their trip!

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