Sunday, August 4, 2013

day 1 with DKRK (part 1 of 2)

We were busy folks on DJ, Kelsie, Ryan, & Kaylon's first full day in Busan.

The morning began with the boys coloring and stamping with their Uncle Ryan.

Some football was played...

And Parker even helped his Aunt Kelsie unpack!
Although I think he might've had a hidden agenda when he offered to help...

One of the most important things to discuss that morning was...What in the world do all these buttons on the toilet do?  haaaaa!

My mom packed a suitcase full of stuff for us: some things I ordered online and had shipped to her house (so I would have less to bring back on our August trip home), some were gifts we didn't have room to bring back from Christmas, and some were new gifts she surprised us with.  :)

Uncle DJ loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when he was a little boy, so he was more than happy to tell Connar all about them.
naming the characters from Thomas the Train...

Then we set out to visit their first Korean temple -- Yonggungsa.  :)
 Love all of our guys!  They're all so sweet.  :)
 brothers  :)

Covering his boo boo from last night, C decided on a fashionable Toy Story bandaid today.  :)
 My best friend on the left and my shadow on my hip.  :)


Day 1 was so busy I can't fit it all on one post.  Continue on to "day 1 with DKRK (part 2 of 2)" to see the rest of their first day with us.  :)

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